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    Any one know whats doing there? i remember blue ridge was starting up a few years ago, but curious if it ever became anything- is it a nice community? how much is housing? can anyone who lives there offer advice?


    The heilege Admor of Shiputz, Moreinu v’Rabeinu HaRrav HaGaon Grand Rabbi Shloimele Rosenbaum of Tzfas, Shlita, holds that Waterbury – Blue Ridge is basically for those who chose to ignore the mitzva of yishuv ha’aretz.


    blueridge really built up the last few years its really nice. very main stream types of families and a nice shul and rov. and not to mention really nice houses. its really a nice place to live. the chisoron is that there arent stores there, you would have to drive to waterbury, about a 4 min drive.

    wtrbry also has greatly expanded. they just started a girls high school and the community is really constantly growing.

    they do get a nice amount of snow in the winter though. although this year they got less then brooklyn but so did alaska so…

    YW Moderator-42

    Spoiled Brooklyn and Lakewood people think that a 4 minute drive to a store is a huge chisaron. The bigger chisaron is the commute to work for those who work in NY or NJ. The other chisaron is getting snowed in during big blizzards such as when they gor 3 feet of snow one Shabbos a few years ago.

    Otherwise, it is a beautiful community, great people, great shul, great Rav, and very affordable.


    Probably about 30 families in Blue ridge give or take. Rav Daniel Kalish is amazing! Mod 42 is right about the commute, although 1 and 1/2 hours is something people from Lakewood and elsewhere do as well.

    There are a number who work from home or local offices such as accountants and day traders. Also some go in only a couple of times a week, still a shlep but not everyday.

    Brand new houses run something in the 250K range. (I think). Of course more can be spent.

    Yeshiva community (that 4 min drive or 40 min walk on shabbos) has probably close to 200 families give or take. Large Yeshiva Ktana with probably 350 or so children. Started that girls high school and I hear talk of starting a boys as well .


    any one here actually live in blue ridge?



    I live in BR, also work in NY

    Think that what was said is pretty much accurate.

    And I am assuming the 4 min drive to the local kosher supermarket comment was sarcasm 😉

    Re: YWN-Moderator and the 3 foot snow storm, that was pretty wild. The city is pretty good with the plowing matziv, and we do get more accumulation than NYC even a little more than Monsey, usually.

    @unknown123 if you have specific questions feel free to ask either here or you can email contact info removed

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