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    Hi. I’m new to the CR. Just had a question. I am being suggested to a couple of good guys from Waterbury. I was wondering what kind of yeshiva it is exactly? Please let me know only first hand info. Tx


    wondeful rosh yeshiva, wonderful mashgiach. The bochurim that I met coming out of the yeshiva, were very fine bochurim. So, go and and vidit the yeshiva, you may like the roshie yeshiva a lot.


    Waterbury or Berlin?


    Waterbury produces many bnei torah and rabbi kalish is one of a kind


    Honestly i have seen that most people who would enter this yeshiva are considered at risk ( if i’m using this term correctly) Most have dropped out or have gotten kicked out of other yeshivos. I have also heard that the yeshiva does a great job of guiding the bochrim back on the right path and that Rabbi Kalish is very good at what he does and a lot of the bochrim turn out well. Take that as you want.


    U MUST UNDERSTAND ONE THING BEFORE YOU ASK PEOPLE- the high school and bies medrash are TWO DIFF THINGS. and many people dont chap that. i noticed passerby said that most people who enter are at risk type kids… thats specifically talking about the high school. i have many many friends in the b”m there and they are really awesome awesome guys. so unless youre dating the high school kids… of course like in every yeshiva it all depends on the guy but there are some top notch guys there.

    and on a side note one question; didnt you say that you got redt to good guys from there? if thats the case so what are u asking exactly? who cares what yeshiva they are from if they are good guys then they are good guys… but thats for a different thread 🙂

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