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    What are your tricks to not gaining the inevitable Pesach pounds? I (Oy) gained 60 pounds when pregnant last year and have lost 47 of them woohoo!! I am having some trouble losing the rest but I don’t want to get detailed with all this matzah and starchy foods! Does anyone have advice? I know just not eating is one way but it’s not really an option for me as I am nursing still. Any and all help is welcome!


    drink coffee


    Stay away from the Pesach cakes that are loaded with sugar and oil. Have lots of fruit and veggies and veggie soup. Lean proteins and low fat dairy products. Don’t bring to much nosh into the house like potato chips and chocolate and things that call your name. Matzah is good but it is very dense so watch how much you are eating. Good Luck!


    try to eat mostly protein –

    chicken cutlets/salmon/tuna/hardboiled eggs.

    only eat whole wheat matza –

    lots of salads no kugel/no potatoes (or at least less)-

    good luck!

    breakfast – either hardboiled/scrambled eggs – no fat cottage cheese with salad

    lunch – tuna w/vinegar salmon chicken cutlets

    supper – chicken cutlets w/salads chicken/meat etc.

    snack on crispy stuff like granny apples/carrot sticks/cantaloupe/pineapple/


    Make fresh fruits, veggies, and greens the base of your diet.

    Eat eggs, fish, and fresh poultry.

    Minimize starch- potato starch, coating crumbs, cakes, cereals, etc. Most Pesah food is garbage and very bad for you. Keep it natural and simple.

    Make a big pot of clear chicken soup, and add carrot, celery, and zucchini.

    Use sugar free chrein and gefilte fish.

    Don’t add sugar to haroset.

    Eat simply and wholesomely and you may even lose weight.

    Also, use whole wheat matza.


    Eat only goose shmaltz. The modernishe chicken shmaltz is what makes your fat.

    Think about it. Geese can fly; chickens just waddle around.

    YW Moderator-007

    Whole wheat Matzoh works.


    drink coffee


    I can offer an excellent solution on not gaining colestorel:- Become a Yekke on Seder nite, as Yekkes don’t consume an egg at the beginning of Shulchon Orech.


    fruits and veggies, all the way


    Thanks everyone! I forgot to look back at the thread until now! These are great ideas, let’s hope I stick to it!im not in my home for yuntif I will be by my parents ( which is basically the same thing except for the fact that I’m not doing the shopping). And I do drink tons of coffee!


    Try to eat non gebrokts. We do and it stops us from eating so much Matza




    Honestly there is no real reason one should gain weight over pesach. Matzah is only a chiyyuv by the sedarim and you need a little bit by the seudos of Shabbos and Yom tov to be chayyiv in bentching. Stay off the fried stuff, pesach cakes and nosh and you will be ok. In fact send me all your yummy stuff. You will be guaranteed to stay slim lol.

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