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    Hi I am A 14 year old brocher
    I live in the Brooklyn area
    Due to the pro Palestinians and shootings
    And anti-Semitism my parents
    do not let me bike to yeshiva
    I know it’s because they love me
    And care about me but it’s still hard for me.
    I sometimes miss shacris at yeshiva
    because of this also
    I anyways have a phone on me.
    Does anyone have any advice Until it imh stops?
    Thank you.


    Please answer


    Listening to your parents is a deoraysa. Davening shachris with a minyan is a derabanan. Do the bigger mitzvah.


    You have lost a degree of freedom and independence, and it is difficult for you. Your parents are doing their best to protect you. You are right to be upset, but you please direct your feelings towards the true cause: those who choose to commit acts of violence against innocent people. They are the ones causing you to be restricted, not your parents, who are trying t keep you safe.

    But also be encouraged. Chances are, the situation will calm down in time, and you will be back to riding your bike and being in charge of being on time for shacharis. In the meantime, you have my sympathy!


    Thank you @comments

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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