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    I am starting this thread to empower YWN readers online. Here are some Google links you might find interesting.

    Want a really good browser? Download google chrome: http://ow.ly/3uqwX

    Need to help someone with basic online skills and you would rather someone else do the job for free? Check out the new Google website: http://www.teachparentstech.org/ & select from more than 50 basic how-to videos to send to your mother, father or anyone else who could use a little help with tech tasks.

    For enhanced search results try this- google’s new advanced search filter called “reading level”. http://www.google.com/advanced_search

    Buying a new computer? You might want to wait for this: Google’s Chrome Cr-48 Computer: First Look Video http://t.st/1aBCgs

    Former google employee developed a tool that stops sites & search engines from tracking the web pages you go to & the searches you do. http://www.disconnectere.com/

    I would like to post relevant information for YWN readership so please let me know, are you webmasters, do you blog, are you on facebook or twitter & do you have a business or non-profit online?


    Thanks for the informative information.

    I am on Facebook, but this is not the place to give out that private info. Hamayvin yavin!


    Chromium OS is awful…get linux or windows starter. it looks cool when you first get it, but then you start to miss the tools on a normal computer.


    Bomb- give it a few years and it’s taking over the computer world, like it or not.

    So say goodbye to windows computers.

    Bomb, Did you actually try one of those already?


    Wasn’t asking for any specific details re facebook twitter or other social media, just inquiring if YWN readers use those services. Here is newly released data of Facebook vs.Twitter:comparing social demographics http://ow.ly/3sFi9


    i have tested Chromium and i really did not like it. just like the ipad it will take off, but serious users will still use windows and linux for their netbooks.


    Bomb- what didn’t you like? Was it real inconvenient or is it just a lot of getting used to?


    smartcookie: How are you familiar with Chromium OS?


    its just that they have teh tools youd need for everyday computing…but watered down. like google docs CAN work…its just not as good as office…media players are good, but not THAT good…etc…


    TMB- I actually read up on it this past week and watched the video on it.

    Bomb- it really looked interesting on the video. I thought it was amazing. But I wonder if I’ll have the same problems with it like you do.

    As of now I’m not buying a new computer, so I guess I’ll have to wait around for my chance to try it!


    I’m sure you have people who are all of these: “webmasters, do you blog, are you on facebook or twitter & do you have a business or non-profit online?”

    So if you can post the info, it would be great


    Here’s a beginner guide for the new ipad owners: http://ow.ly/3uMjG

    And 25 essential resources for ipad accessories, apps, games & more: http://ow.ly/3uMvf


    Using istock.com to find photos & images and not finding what you really want. Try http://ow.ly/3uUzN More expensive but worth it.

    Need a free photo editor? Try http://ow.ly/3uULQ


    Have experience with photo editing online? Share something!


    Whether you have a product/s to sell, are a service provider or represent a charitable cause your goal is to get your “idea” to spread. Ideas that spread virally enable us to leverage social media and market our cause in the most effective and economical way.

    (source: Mashable, full text of original post: http://ow.ly/3v6N4)

    Most us of are not Toyota YET. Our focus is on getting our message out there in a way that it will spread for free.

    Seth Godin wrote a phenomenal blog post explaining what makes people spread our ideas.

    Here are my favorite ones. (source: Seth Godin, full text of original post: http://ow.ly/3v6Wf )

    I spread your idea because it makes me feel generous.

    …because I feel smart alerting others to what I discovered.

    …because I care about the outcome and want you (the creator of the idea) to succeed.

    …because both my friend and I will benefit if I share the idea (Groupon).

    …because you asked me to, and it’s hard to say no to you.

    …because I can use the idea to introduce people to one another, and making a match is both fun in the short run and community-building.

    …because I care about someone and this idea will make them happier or healthier.

    Which one did you like best?


    If you want a good, free browser, try Mozilla’s Firefox.

    If you want the world to know your business, put it on Facebook. Never, ever put anything on Facebook that you would be embarrassed to have your boss / spouse / shadchan / possible shver or shvigger / your teenage child know. There is no privacy. Facebook changes its privacy settings frequently and hardly ever lets you know in a timely fashion. Yes, I’m on Facebook. Yes, you’d better believe I’m careful.


    Midwest 2 – I appreciate your sharing an alternative browser.

    All your references to Facebook are on target.

    As a coffee room member of YWN I have chosen not to refer to Facebook in any of my threads since I have learned that there are readers who have made a personal decision to refrain from using Facebook.

    Social media is a sensitive topic for some of YWN’s readership.

    I would not want to offend anyone. In future threads will share useful, professional information on other social media topics.



    1) Open an account – twitter.com

    2) Open a separate account for your professional use. Twitter allows opening numerous accounts.

    3) From the day you start to tweet, tweet once every day. There is power in consistency. People can depend on new information and it reflects an operating profile that is dependable & reliable.

    4) Remember, your twitter followers only care about themselves.

    5) Write tweets that contain valuable information that is important to THEM.

    6) Include links often.

    7) Give credit to the original producer of any content you are sharing that is now your own.

    8) Use hootsuite.com to compose your tweets, shrink the links, and schedule when your tweet becomes visible.

    9) Tweet content you will never regret making public.

    10) If you are new to twitter, recommended to wait to open your new account for a few days until we discuss who to follow, followers, Hootsuite and how maximize your twitter useage so that Google indexes your tweets to your benefit.


    Cory Booker, mayor of Newark NJ, got a tweet from a local resident that the snowy streets were preventing his sister from buying diapers. About an hour later, Booker was at the sister’s door, diapers in hand.

    read full article Mayor Uses Twitter Power in New Jersey Blizzard Cleanup: http://ow.ly/3vzRG )


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