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    If I would tell you i had say a few ten million dollars and I want to invest it in making a NEW WEDDING HALL…what are some of your ideas/tips you would wanna see in this new hall?


    A Choson And Kallah happily married inside. (naturally a boy that passed your inspection list!)


    I would want to see enough changing rooms for both sides of the family and a separate room for the Kallah so she can concentrate on her tefilos and not be distracted by the makeup lady doing everyone else’s makeup. That is one of the reasons Rose Castle was very popular they were very accommodating in that regard. Also a nice clean Yichud room that no one else was using so the couple have their own private, and not messy place to go after the chupah that has a clean bathroom with mirror.

    I would like it to have a good acoustic system so it is not necessary to hire a sound system and have an added expense. I would like to see it have a nice place for photos for both the chasson and the Kallah whether inside or outside. I would like to see a large Chupah area so that it is not crowded by the photographers and no one gets to see the Chassan and Kallah. I would like to see the Chupah area have more than one exit so no one feels like they are in a fire trap and have more than one way to get out.

    I would like to see it have a nice size dance floor but not look like a Yeshiva Gym. And have telephone reception so that we can get emergency phone calls if necessary. If there are actually mens and womens entrances then they should not lead to a common hallway or coatroom. That just seems ridiculous to just go through a separate door and wind up in the same place.

    And personally I like to have separate rooms for the different parts of the wedding. I would rather move from room to room that been shoved around like a piece of furniture.


    And have telephone reception so that we can get emergency phone calls if necessary.

    I don’t understand why every hall can’t have that.


    Because in Brooklyn most halls are in the basement of a yeshiva building. When I’m in Ohr Hachaim in BP I can’t call or text my wife on the other side of the mechitza when I want to ask her if she is ready to leave.

    tomim tihye

    not red nails, but the things that aries mentioned


    Whats wrong with the shul backyard

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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