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    Johnny Picklesauce

    Wake up! Hello, why do you take a nap every week during the holy bringing in of the shabbos?!

    ☕️coffee addict

    I’m sorry!

    I wake up every day at 5:30 and am exhausted by the time shabbos comes around

    בא שבת בא מנוחה

    Now that you understand let me go back to sleep


    He is suffering from drinking Pickel sauce during toyamayah.


    People who learn during the week should sleep more on Shabbos. People who work during the week, should learn more on Shabbos.


    “People who learn during the week should sleep more on Shabbos…People who work during the week, should learn more on Shabbos…

    And normal people who BOTH work and learn during the week should enjoy shabbos, get some rest, and find some time to learn a vert or two…
    Yidden don’t live in a binary world.


    People who mostly learn during the week should sleep more on Shabbos and learn less than during the week. People who mostly work during the week, do not work on Shabbos and should learn more on Shabbos than during the week, and sleep less on Shabbos than a learning man.


    ujm, I agree on this hiluk.
    For those who both work and learn during the week – what would be the order? Still, kabolos shabbos nap may be only appropriate for those who can’t ease up before shabbos – medical residents and workaholics.

    I once heard from a youngster that he interviewed with a company (law or finance, I think) that had a hutzpah to deny his request to leave for shabbos by noon (during summer), so that he could take a shower, cook, and otherwise refresh himself before shabbos … Admirable or not?


    AAQ: Fortunately, most major law firms and investment banks today (especially those based in NYC) go out of their way to accommodate their frum associates. Many firms had started Friday tele-work even before Covid and its actually gotten quite better since Covid has provided almost everyone with greater flexibility in scheduling their “work time”.
    However, for those with more formal 9-5 hours, I would use the example AAQ cited of needing time to “prepare for shabbos” and perhaps not reference your intentions to go home and “take a nap”.


    I was annoyed by this guy’s insistence on inconveniencing others for relatively optional activities, that could have been re-arranged or done faster. You can see it in the opposite way that he is such a tzaddik that he would not compromise on his mental preparation for shabbos. I was raised to put obligation to others first. When I worked for companies and was expected to be in office, I only requested absolute minimum I needed and repeatedly apologized for that, rather than referring to the discrimination laws. One of my friends years ago went to further extreme in middos to make sure he is not abusing the employer: he did not inform his employer about his needs (and went without kippah) and would simply request time off when required. He was prepared to resign if refused. He was an excellent and reliable performer, so was never refused. At my company, the rules are that anyone can take off any days they want, disregarding secular calendar rules.


    AAQ: In a world of telecommuting, our firm and others I work with typically have no problem accommodating the needs of those who are shomer shabbos or with other religious preferences. Our bigger problem these days are the burdens of dealing with increasingly generous paternal leave policies where younger associates can take off for up to six months with pay after the birth of a child and be assured of returning to their prior position with no loss of status. It creates significant frictions with those who have to pick up the slack while they are out on leave.


    Gadol, wow … first time ever I am envious. Send this info to the kahal, this is an easy way to have kollel fully paid!


    AAQ: Most of the major national law firms and investment banks offer up to 6 months paternal leave for their associates and VPs (an entry level position in the banks)… most with full pay for the first several months. some for all 6 months. The policy in our firm and many others also grants a separate category of paternal leave for adopting parents. If a woman supporting her husband in kollel has completed law school or with an MBA working in a bank is eligible, she could take off for months with pay and still have an income. I’m not sure how often the paid-leave option can be taken for those contemplating big families.


    ” I’m not sure how often the paid-leave option can be taken for those contemplating big families.”

    It would be illegal discrimination to deny it to larger families what’s offered to smaller families.

    A parent should be able to take off the full 6 months of paid leave for each of their 10 childbirths.

    Johnny Picklesauce

    “A parent should be able to take off the full 6 months of paid leave for each of their 10 childbirths.”

    10? I happen to have 12, thank you very much.


    I was not thinking about overworked wives getting a law degree in addition to everything else. I was thinking about kollelmen themselves getting into law, then having 6 months annually to learn and help at home. With 2-3 wives, this can be even full time learning (we can suspend R Gershom’s decree due to urgency of the hour, as we do with other halochos).


    The issue of “working most of the week” is not so pashut.

    Daf Yomi talks about the person who would learn one day a year (traveling/working the rest of the year) and this might be equivalent to full time learning if done properly.


    On the same page, there is also a cryptic notion of negative issues from (1) people who should be learning – not learning, (2) people who should not be learning – learning, (3) bad leaders ….

    this seems to go somewhat against “universal learning” ideal, although can be explained away, of course.

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