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    So it’s time to shed those unwanted winter pounds. Aside from a vigorous exercise program I would like to start Weight Watchers.

    I know that the program has changed to “PointsPlus” where all fruits and veggies are ‘free’ and foods are ‘worth’ more points bec you must factor in carbs, fat, fiber, and protein (instead of the usual calories and fiber…)

    Does anyone have any experience in using either of the two programs and which one did you feel was more effective?



    My wife lost about 15 pounds in 3 month with Weight Watchers. She felt the program was well designed and easy to follow without sacrificing too much of her favorite foods….She also purchased some of their snacks which was certified OU…now she’s bugging me to go on 🙂 hope this helps!


    I was on the old program many yrs ago. It worked. I went on the new program last year. It’s a great program. Very realistic. The free fruits and veggies are awesome. It’s not a quick fix weight loss program. It’s designed for a 1/2 to 2 lb per week loss. If you go off the diet though, you don’t gain everything right back! I had a baby a few months ago, and actually just went back on last week!


    Yeah those snacks are great (but tiny!)…It’s hard because calculating points are next to impossible on shabbos. I also feel like I need to eat things that come out’ve a box so I know the nutritional information, however that rules out a lot of food and dining out 🙁


    Imho its the only sustainable diet. Its geared toward a slow but steady weight loss which means its the easiest to keep it off. I’m a big proponent of the free fruits and vegetables. No one has become overweight from eating too much salad.

    Any other diet that significantly alters your eating habits will likely result in failure unless you intend to keep it up for eternity.


    How do you work the program with shabbos, kosher recipes, etc?


    You can figure out the points of any recipe on weight watchers etools recipe builder.


    How do you work the program with shabbos, kosher recipes, etc?

    Tell me about it! Shabbos was murder. I ate to the best of my ability, but obviously cheated 🙁


    A lot of the foods commonly eaten on Shabbos are written in their food listing book (chulent, challah, grape juice, etc).

    It is more difficult on Shabbos with the new program because you can’t calculate points using the old ruler. It’s basically electronic (their calculator or e-tools) or using the book.

    I liked the old program, and hated switching. I didn’t trust the new program. I eventually went off altogether and gained a lot of what I lost back (I totally stopped watching and ate whatever I wanted, fooling myself that I’d stay the same.

    I’m back on the new program now. I figure, better to be on it than on nothing.

    It’s hard learning a new system, and new point values, but I figure all beginnings are hard and eventually I’ll remember the points the way I did with the old.

    It’s a mechaya not to have to count fruits and veggies. That makes it much easier.

    Ultimately, I think it’s ideal to do the program everyone else is doing at the meetings.

    polisha chosid

    This program seems to be the best… I have been told in no uncertain terms, that I must lose weight. Other plans may work in short term but after you leave, you just go back to your old habits ….regaining the weight you lost…. this program can be used for long term, and by writing down everything you eat, you see with your own eyes where you are messing up… I hardly ever use all the points allotted, and therefor feel able to indulge a bit on Shabbos. Sure Shabbos is hard, but you can get used to it, and working out pro points isn’t all that hard if you use online tools. Dont wait for drastic loss, it is slow and steady that wins this race…. Btw, there is a kosher group on the site although I haven’t seen any activity…. lets hear it from others, lets share in some success stories…..a little hiemisha chizuk never goes amiss…..

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