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    Post the weird ads you’ve seen on the CR from Google Ad Services.

    For example, right now I’ve got an ad for “Saba’s Medical School.”

    Sounds official. 🙂

    Before I hit “Add New”, there was a “Rebel Bingo” ad on the main page, which said something along the lines of “It’s not just a card game. Let’s go change some lives.”

    The thing is, Google will serve different people different ads, so

    you may see ads few others will. Collect them all!

    EDIT: “Manwich Sloppy Joe Recipe”


    Recently, the Main Page showed this thread to have been started “-1 years” ago. There is, of course, no way for me to post a screencap…


    “Sarah Palin Glasses”

    “Past Life Regression”


    ” ‘Shocking’ 2014 Horoscope”

    “Appointment Reminders”


    “Rebel Bingo New York”

    “Free War Record Search”

    “Chinese Gender Chart”

    “Refrigerated Van” (Well, that’s not a weird thing, but I’m surprised it’d be advertised)

    Side-by-side ads for a children’s book about Rav Ovadya Yosez ztz”l and “Anime Episodes HD, No Ads” (and singing lessons)


    Who looks at ads? I don’t! I usually have ads blocked but my phone is acting up… And still no KitKat….



    “Windows Media Player 11” (Seriously?)

    “1 Free Psychic Reading”

    “92% Off Flexible Tripods”

    “Arrest Records: 2 Secrets”

    “Yorkville Tennis Club”

    “Wise Food Storage – The only gourmet food storage w/ a 25-year shelf life”

    Also, one ad’s headline changed from “Recipe” to “Kosher Recipe,” and then to “Jewish Holiday Food.”


    “Buying Black Eyeglasses?”

    “Free Meditation Audio”

    “Soymilk Diet For Women”

    Plus a call for actors for a Gad Elbaz music video shoot on July 14th. This is September 10th. I hope it’s not being charged for.

    ED IT OR

    Google ads work by what you have recently searched.

    If you search for online poker than card games will come up etc.


    Ads? What are those? My browser has an ad blocker.


    Crazybrit, I assure you I have NOT been searching for

    “Amerock Inspirations” or

    “Thyroid Warning Signs”

    EDIT:Nor for

    “Free Obituary Search”,

    “Free 3D Printing Whitepaper”, or

    “The Social Media Data API”, and not even

    “Make Free Calendar”

    Yehuda Yona, which browser and what blocker do you have?

    Thinking out loud


    Regular lurker rare contributer here…

    I use firefox, and have an adblocker plus a tracking blocker. I haven’t seen ads in a very long time. According to some, I may be one of those who eventually “break” the web, because I am not supporting the income producing advertising!

    In response to this thread, I just disabled all add ons to see the ads, and I was immediately overwhelmed with all the flashing, and distracting ads. Still, someone mentioned that the ads are being controlled by google, which would mean they are linked to google searches.

    First of all, nearly all of the ads I saw were obviously specifically placed by “heimish” vendors, or vendors who clearly know they are targeting an orthodox Jewish website.

    Secondly, I would be surprised if this site uses google ads, because as mentioned, the type of ad displayed would be highly dependent on google’s tracking. In other words, other pages you’ve searched, opened, or even the content of your emails determines which ads you see. (In case that surprises you, welcome to the world of google, where you have given up all privacy when you agreed to the terms of opening your google account!).

    As per my second point, this would mean that any ad, however inappropriate could show up while you are using theyeshivaworld website. That seems to defeat the purpose of having a website that is considered “kosher”, since theyeshivaworld has NO control over what you see when you are on their site. There are certainly many discussions here that can be misinterpreted as interest that is not appropriate. For example all the threads about tznius, include words that should be picked up by google. Threads about divorce should cause ads for divorce lawyers to be presented. Is this in fact true about this site?

    I recently googled a significant amount of information regarding healthy eating, and a particular medical issue. I searched these topics for more than a month! I also accessed many sites on these topics. None of the ads that appeared when I unblocked ads had anything connected to that information.

    That could be because I erase my firefox history and searches every few days, as well as use google searches without signing in. I also often do my searches using a search engine that logs nothing about my searches. Do most of you simply log in to google and stay logged in, and never clear your browser history?? Doesn’t that open you up to at least SOME ads that are objectionable??

    I remember years ago, I did get an ad on this page that was a targeted ad for christian missionizing, or something like that. (That would make sense, since there’s much focus on biblical topics here). When I pointed this out to theyeshivaworld, their response was in fact that they had no control of the ads. I assumed that given their status now, they have no problem filling the page with privately funded ads, and no longer use a service that is not under their control.

    Well, I’m back to blocking ads as well as tracking… so almost no ads ever show up for me anywhere!

    Looking back at the ads some of you listed, you may be correct that google ads is in fact being used. The ads mentioned for

    “Past Life Regression”


    ” ‘Shocking’ 2014 Horoscope”

    “1 Free Psychic Reading”

    “Free Meditation Audio”

    May be related to those threads that were opened by someone who was looking for a mekubal?!

    The others do appear to be rather random.

    ED IT OR


    Maybe someone else is using your pc?


    “Wedding Planner Ireland”

    “Kareo Free EHR” (whatever that is – maybe it’s not weird at all)

    “Spa Software”

    “All New Grilled Chicken”

    “Kosher Goose” (actually, why not?)

    Crazybrit: No one else uses this user account on the computer.

    Thinking out loud: I wasn’t talking about most of the ads, e.g. any of the ones with color+/animation, just the ones at or near the top and partway down the left side (they may have green arrows). If you reveal them again, you’ll see that the click URLs start with instead of

    I don’t think they relate to the user, unlike the ads in, say, Gmail. They may well relate to the site – ads featured on the YWN news article “Musician Patient Plays The Violin During Brain Surgery In Israeli Hospital” included “7 Hidden Dementia Signs”, “Epilepsy Treatment”, and “Fiddle & Violin Packages”, none of which I remember seeing before.

    Many ads don’t get paid for unless you click on them, so I

    don’t know if you contribute to the Internet’s market worth

    just by not blocking ads. Maybe I should get an ad blocker.

    It’s probably worth the effort…


    Randomex: Firefox, Ad Block Plus.

    ED IT OR

    Chorome, AdBlock, Do not track, Clear Cache,and cookies on exit.


    “Govt’s Worst Nightmare?”

    “#1 worst exercise – avoid this 1 exercise which makes everyone gain belly fat”

    Thanks, guys!

    I used the YWN/CR search-with-Google function a couple of times just now to look for threads involving mekubalim, and they don’t seem to have any greater tendency towards “paranormal” ads. I, however, am now seeing multiple ads for coffee products! Lulz.


    If YWN would not have such obnoxiously intrusive ads, I would happily disable my AdBlock as I do for other sites. Problem is, I hate having to click close on a full page add for some hotel or insurance just to read some content which is buried beneath more ads.



    I agree. YWN is like the internet in 1995… popups and flashing graphics… adblock is the only way to go


    “Beyond Tangy Tangerine”

    “Passports: Bath, NY”

    “Indian Ancestry”

    “Dick Blick Art Materials” (Yiddish-speakers only)

    That’s what you’re missing, all you adblocking… qazwsxedcrfvtgs.


    “Reloading Bullet Coating”

    “Boiled Peanuts $6.50/5lbs”

    “Dissolving Paper”

    “Wholesale Biochar Supply”

    “Vietnam Soldiers Records”

    “Sportsman’s Guide”

    “Do You Take Metformin?”

    “The 4 Note Blues?”

    “Could your leaders…

    and, of course “The Future Has Arrived”

    Okay, I’m stopping. That will be all.

    (Especially because I would be going down every page to look

    at the adds on the bottom left, and paying attention to all ads.)


    I just had to post this one!

    0 flap problems

    We guarantee 0 flap problems becouse we never cut a flap!

    Unless you’re familiar with the ad’s subject, and maybe even

    if you are, I assume this is incomprehensible given its lack of

    context. (It’s for LASIK surgery.)

    As I type this, ads include

    Let Coffee Be Your Guide

    Join our World Coffee Club and travel the world of coffee monthly

    and a YWN ad which includes

    100% Kosher Internet


    Let’s just assume adults tested it first.

    Google’s ads appear to be related both to the contents of the page

    and your search history, whether personal or IP address/cookie.


    You guys make this sound so funny, I ought to turn my ad blocker off. 😛

    Just kidding, of course!


    By far the most annoying is the fact that a computer somewhere has decided that the Coffee Room is actually about coffee, leading to my screen being constantly covered in ads for various types of coffee.

    The most confusing instance of this is when whatever ad service they used displayed the words ‘Decaffeinated Coffee’ in massive letters across the top of the CR, leading me to think I was on the wrong page, and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get off.



    @sirvoddmort – Oh my…. That must be very confusing.

    I think of decaffeinated beverage as “decaf,” but when I see the words “decaffeinated coffee,” I immediately think of the CR category.

    lamud vov tzadik

    I’ve always been wondering about the Muslim woman one on the homepage.


    How can I vote for both candidates?


    why is it still advertising about how we can’t listen to music? Last I checked, sefira was over a while ago…

    ☕️coffee addict


    the three weeks are coming up


    seriously? that’s in like three weeks or so…and its already been a couple of weeks since shavous…


    (Also, it says “sefirah”)


    If you want to support the Internet and see ads, but a few particular sites have ads that bother you, you can use an ad blocker and enable it only on those sites.


    Doesn’t bother me; just pointing out that it’s unnecessary.


    Humorous comedy books

    Funny adventures with nasty pigeons killer gnomes, psychotic moustaches


    Batteries WHOLESALE Fresh

    [Ed: Sure sounds like food, doesn’t it?]

    Revisiting Tolerance

    Lessons drawn from Egypt’s Cosmopolitan Heritage

    JavaSuits Air-Pot Sleeves

    Made of Durable Protective Neoprene Hides Dents Dings and Scratches



    I have still never seen an ad for an adblocker


    I did, on the same day I posted those last ones.


    Well what do you want?

    This service is free so the have to make some money so they put a little ads, whats so hard to understand? Nuu Rabosa is it so hard to ask that the Olum doesn’t make Letzunus over an organization trying to make a little Parnasa?

    What does everyone here do for a living.. and lets make fun of it.. Kalos Rosh and Chozek of other Jews… 🙁

    Little Froggie

    hmm.. sounds like you’re in the YW financial dept.

    (psst… what’s the code to the Mods’ console)


    ….. um I am at loss of words.. what do you say to something like that… um


    Hey! I’m making fun of ads, not this website.


    The problem with the ads on YWN is that they’re those obnoxious flashing things.


    From the main site (I was curious about the stores/papers thing):

    I’m telling you… Just Get Ready.

    (Aleph Institute “auction” – they dropped “Chinese,”

    but auction does not mean raffles. It just doesn’t.)

    Curiosity baiting.

    Your chance to WIN + Plus get FREE GIFT

    (Mesamche Lev event – “Power Auction.”

    Likewise not actually an auction.)

    Curiosity baiting.

    My Wife Had a Flu. A Month Later She Was Dead.

    (A tzedakah campaign for the family.)

    Why would anyone click on this? (For medical advice?)

    CLICK so I know you read. Tefillos are needed. That’s all.

    (A request to light Shabbos candles early and say Tehillim

    for a cholah.)

    Dovid Lichtenstein’s New Radio Show is Making Headlines

    Not weird. But the show is simply called “Headlines.”

    It’s definitely not headline news.

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    I have adblocker.


    LU: Do you have a MAC?

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    What’s a MAC?


    Like an Apple computer, Macintosh.

    My friends with Macs have like no ads ever. It was the weirdest thing to “surf the internet” (if people use that saying anymore).

    Pages just opened quickly. No pop ups. No random flash errors or etc. My friend said that it was a Mac thing. They are better protected from all the junk stuff that pops up.

    I’m guessing that you have a filter.

    Still, was wondering if maybe you also happened to have an Apple Macintosh computer, versus a PC (Personal Computer).

    PCs are computers or laptops by various manufacturers, such as Toshiba, Sony, Dell, Acer, etc.

    Macs use different programing or software compared to PCs.

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    I think it’s a PC. Someone told me about adblocker. You get it online, it’s free and it’s not too hard to figure out how to download. I did it myself, and I’m not very technological. I don’t know why everyone wouldn’t get it.

    It’s the only filter I have right now. I should get something else, but I haven’t figured out yet what or how. This was great because it was free and easy and because I didn’t have to worry that it might block something that I don’t want blocked. Also, ads are the biggest problem and the main thing I would want blocked anyhow. But it’s not really enough.


    VIDEO: Everything and More (Ad by JCN)
    To infinity – and beyond!

    While trying to find this thread via Google, I found out that there is (or was?) a company called
    Randomex, Inc., which was once involved in a patent lawsuit about their portable apparatus for
    cleaning disk packs (packs of magnetic disks used by mainframe computers to store information).

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