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    Hi got a call today from phone number


    Picked up and after hello first question was “Are you the person in the household who is Jewish?”

    Obviously did not answer, when I questioned who was calling all the person said was community research group

    When I further questioned why they need to speak to a jewish person or who community research group is they hung up.

    I googled the number it comes up as a data collection firm in Utah. Perhaps they are missionaries. Anyway just giving a heads up and curious if anyone else had such a call.


    Could be they are doing some sort of survey of Jewish households.


    I doubt it is missionaries – more likely a poll on jewish voting or something like that


    I didn’t get that one, but have gotten a few screechers to remind me “that tomorrow in Yom Kipppur”. At which point, I hung up. To all tzedakahs out there who think that having someone scream at me that it’s the last day before (whichever) Chag, or the last day before your raffle is going to bring in a donation, please think again. More likely to produce a hang up.


    I get robocalls from various frum organizations and businesses (such as a certain furniture store) that don’t release the line when I hang up. I got the screecher call twice tonight, but I didn’t check if they released the line. Of course, by not releasing the line, they’re preventing me from making a phone call until their spiel is over. If there were an emergency, they could be endangering someone’s life.


    yy: The caller’s robocall equipment has no method of knowing whether you hung up or not.

    awob: Even if one person in ten are responsive, and 9 hang up, the fundraising calls were more than worth it for the organization.


    If I had to guess, I’d say that it was a Mormon interested in genealogy.


    I got the call also and answered all their questions till the end, it is a poll about a Jewish/American’s support for Israel and the 2 state solution.


    we have a blast with telemarketers in my house.

    we ask for their number so we can call back at OUR convenience.

    We tell them we are in the middle of dinner and give details of the menu.

    when they offer us services such as long distance we tell them we dont call people coz no one likes us.

    if they offer an alarm we tell them the head of the family runs an alarm company and so on.

    usually they cant wait to hang up

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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