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    hey, i just created this username 2 minutes ago. so i thought, why not introduce myself?

    so, im female( duh, just look at my username.)

    im 15.

    not your typical bais yaakov girl.

    not at risk either.

    obbsessed with rabbi walllerstein.

    and im bored at this point in time.


    welcome to the club!

    Miri Zamora

    Welcome! Not everybody that is not Bais Yaacov has to be at risk! Why are you bored.Why don’t you find like a mother’s helper job or at a camp?

    Miri Zamora

    Rabbi Wallerstein is amazing! Glad you like his lectures.Anyone can benefit from him.


    well welcome!!!

    you sound a lot like my friend

    Shopping613 🌠

    Welcome! R u sure u arent me? Cuz you sound exactly like me, same age too! I think were going to have fun together!

    I’ll introduce myself:

    Im 15, love to shop, the founder of SUC in the cr, i went to camp raninu, and i reay rock! And love the CR, but most people ignore my posts.

    P.S. Look at the CR Welcome Wagon thread, if you dont see it, search it! We try to welcome new members over there


    thanx for the welcome guys!its really sweet.

    mz- i never liked being tied down to a scheduale so im definitely not gonna be working anytime soon. and i never really found a camp that i like.and i agree with you on rabbi wally.

    as- is that a compliment?

    shopping613- awesome meeting you! what is SUC?(notice- im not ignoring you)i read a few of ur topics-i particularly found the one on 8 billion dollars spent on nothing. im into strange stuff lyk that 2!

    Shopping613 🌠

    I also do!!!!! me and my brother can discuss random things for hours, my mother hates it though, she dosent understand why we spend so much time talking about things we dont need to know.

    SUC is sort of a club i created. Google: SUC ywn coffee room

    There’s four or five threads that’ll tell you more.

    Hope you enjoy your stay here!


    Pinkdynamite – im into strange stuff lyk that 2

    Careful what you say about these things. We wouldn’t ?”? want Shopping613 to get insulted in any way. She may take this personally!

    Shopping613 🌠

    Im already insulted, but not because of this. I DO NOT TAKE THINGS PERSONALLY! Most of them time. Anyway, im prob. Gonna leave the CR anyway, even frumteens was better than this.


    pinkdynamite you are definitely Shopping613. You can run but you cant hide.


    pou_bear- i am not! were two separate people! i am complimented tho…


    Really? I couldn’t stand frumteens…sooo much censorship for no reason…


    pinkdynamite: it was a compliment:)

    the friend i was talking about is awesome!!!!


    lol I feel like every bais yaakov girl I know always has to remind everyone that they’re not “you’re typical by girl.”

    Anyway, welcome to the cr! we party hard here (very tzniusly of course), and there are some pretty awesome people that you’ll get to know (in a weird virtual sort of way.)


    pinkdynamite, you sound like… a blast!

    (aw, I had to make that bad joke)


    PinkDynamite welcome aboard we are glad to have you here!

Viewing 17 posts - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)
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