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    OK – I am not an expert in the English language (even though it’s really my only language – other than a little Yiddish and even less Hebrew).

    However, my question is; Is the expression “went missing” grammatically correct? He went fishing, he went shopping, he went bowling – but he went missing? I don’t know. Sounds funny to me, yet I’ve noticed for quite some time now that when a person is missing, that’s the expression that is used by the media.

    I know that will all the stuff going on in the world, the importance of this question kind of pales in comparison. But (yes I know; but should not be the first word in a sentence) we could all use some light conversation as well. K- so… um…. yeah… whatever…..like… let’s hear your answers.


    I guess its better that he WENT missing instead of just dropping out of sight.


    Unmarried ladies do that all the time. They go missing. Wherever they are, whatever they are doing, any time; they go missing.


    Hi gefen,

    I am going to throw in my two cents, which these day is worth -.47 cents, so I may owe you some money in the process.

    I have nothing against implied concepts and meanings to words which are understood ‘not’ by exact, traditional definition. After all, except for one language, the traditional definitions had their formative stages and cultural influences.

    This case bothers me too. The action verb, “went” implies the added concept of going with some degree of willingness or a level of agreeability or cooperation.

    The linking verb “is” merely states a condition of being without the added footnotes. Even though going somewhere often requires the use of feet, the footnotes of willingness, on one’s own initiative, etc., are not there.

    If the linking verb “is” is available, I think it would be a better choice.

    On the other hand, the more I think about this, the more perspectives I get. So, I will leave it at that….

    Also, you may want to consider your feelings on, “He just up and went missing.”


    I think the expression comes from the military where they say went A.W.O.L.


    It’s possibly not grammatically correct, but I’d say it’s more idiomatic by now.


    Hi BTGuy: ok so should i give you my bank account number for you to deposit the money you owe me??? LOL 😉

    Zeeskite – um….I guess i’m a bit slow today (ok- not just today) but I didn’t get ur comment. could you explain?

    writersoul: yeah – there are a lot of expressions out there that are not grammatically correct but yet are accepted. another one i love is “it was so fun”.

    2querty: LOL – yeah i guess so

    seeallsides: interesting theory

    So now I will go back to my perfect English (ya right) and back to the important topics of our times. War, poverty,……. Oh yeah – cleaning for Pesach. What am I doing in the CR now anyway?


    Gefen: The proper title by which to address an unmarried woman is by “Miss”.


    in that case a guy who went on a date went missing. just like the guy who went to catch fish went fishing


    zeeskite: i told you i was slow. but yes i eventually got it. cute 😉

    yitayningwut: very good.


    So, BTGuy,

    Without legs, how do you suppose the milk ‘went bad’?

    How do you explain the robbery ‘going down’?

    And finally, how do you think people (a serious number of them!) are ‘going crazy’?


    Gefen: It’s OK. It’s expected of anyone involved with this holy task of Pesach Cleaning. Which is why I escape to this wonderful place known as the CR!!


    Hi Realist.

    I cannot answer those questions. They “went over” my head.




    Much fun has been made of this English language. But since we started down this path already, I’ve got two more points for you to ponder.

    1. Where are all the ‘second world countries?

    2. We use the expression “back and forth”.

    How are you expected to go back before going forth?!?

    (The Yiddish version of this expression is correct. ‘Heen un tzurick”)


    REALIST, I am guessing you are young.

    In the olden days, when I was young, the first world referred to the U.S. and other western democracies.

    The second world referred to the U.S.S.R. and other developed communist countries.

    The third world was all the undeveloped countries.



    I’m older than you think.

    I’m younger than I feel.

    Old is actually a frame of mind.

    I think and act young.

    I know that 3 world theory, but…

    A. It is no longer applicable in today’s world.

    B. Third world referred then to unaligned or unaffilliated countries. Somehow the term morphed into referring to under-developed countries.

    In any case, it’s not an accurate term today, and as the Chief Enforcement Officer, go out and enforce!

    (BTW, I’m older than President Lincoln was when elected President)

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