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    Of course there is a concept of Shoel Eitza. I do it all the time, with both my Rov and a close Rebbe of mine.

    The difference is they know my personal situation, I try to give them as many details as possible, and they can give me an eitza that fits my personal circumstances.

    On the other hand, asking a “Gadol” “what should I do?” without any background, without knowing your personality, and without any information regarding what the real issues might be is GIGO.

    The other criteria is that both of these Rabbonim have told me numerous times “ask an expert”. If they don’t know, or think others would have better insight, they don’t try to hide it.

    Is that “Da’as Torah”? Maybe. But it is not the normal usage in the Yeshiva World.


    Says Reb Moshe:

    “One might well say ignoring the advice of a Talmid Chochom is far worse than violating a commandment.”

    “Such people cannot be considered within the Torah camp.”



    Saying it twice doesn’t make a point (although that is the norm for you). Why don’t you try saying it a third time under your 100th screen name?



    Yes, I have been coming on strongly lately. I need what’s left of my teeth. When it comes to ????? issues I’d rather not be a ???? ?????. I think it says some something to the effect of ?? ?????? ??? ??? ????? ????? ??? ?????. No – I wouldn’t do it. And I cannot be silent in the face of such an attack. To remain silent is to admit – ????? ?????? they tell me. So I’m doing it really to save my teeth!



    If you are doing it for the right reasons, then it is a good thing. A person must have the ability to stand up for Yiddishkeit.

    golden mom

    First of all like was said bf the sklener rebbe is known for telling women to shave. If u believe that he has the koach to give u a brocho why do u think he doesn’t have the koach to tell u to do st which will be a zechus for u. I know the non chasidish have a very hard time understanding the koach of rebbe but I believe he wouldn’t tell u to do it if he felt it wasn’t for u. Also Hashem doesn’t put us in situations we can not handle so obviously u can handel this. And who says shaving means bald the machine has many numbers start w the biggest ull see that its not so bad u will defiantly be cooler in the summer. And u don’t have to tell anybody u don’t need all friends and family comments just between u and ur husband

Viewing 6 posts - 101 through 106 (of 106 total)
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