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    I, as many of you log onto YWN and the Coffeeroom in particular to discuss, opinionate, argue, debate, smile, laugh, agree and disagree but today I felt that my first New Topic post ahould be one of reflection.

    Each Rosh Hashonah we daven Nasaneh Toikef, who will live and who will die, who in his time and who not (before) his time. How poignant these words are now.

    Of course at times like this we feel guilt at our pettiness and trivia yet the world and life continues. Each and everyone us will continue our daily lives but maybe, just maybe we will think whether we have achieved a little something worthwhile during the day.

    I would like to thank YWN for their coverage, eloquent words and thoughtfulness with their journalism of these tragic events.

    May Hashem Bentch each and every one of you at YWN and readers. May you all only know of simchas and joy in your lives and hopefully we will be zoicher to Mosiach Bimhairoh V’yomaynu, Omain

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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