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    Several months ago, I wrote a letter explaining how my family and I had been

    victims of an electrical fire on Erev Pesach. I would like to take the

    opportunity to share with you the experience of the aftermath. The breadth

    and scope of the chessed that went on was mind-boggling. From the neighbors

    that called us the day of the fire to tell us we can live in their basement

    so hard setting that apartment up with beds, linens and household essentials

    right after Pesach so we would have a place to come home to from our

    to ask them to work out special prices with us so we could start rebuilding

    better!) prices but made us feel like we were doing them a favor by allowing

    them this mitzvah. The list of people who helped us out- financially,

    emotionally, cooking suppers until we were able to buy kitchenware, going

    through clothing and toys and giving any surplus they may have- it literally

    is endless. This assistance came from friends and family, people we knew and

    total strangers, with knowledge and anonymously. But every act of chessed

    was done in such a kind and gracious manner, it has taught us an enormous

    amount. This has truly been a humbling experience. I, who has always been

    used to being in the position of being the giver, had to learn how to become

    a taker. The transition was made as comfortable as possible by the way the

    chessed was done. I think that from all the enormous acts of chessed that I

    have experienced in the past five months, the one that touched me the most

    was this: I was at a store buying dishes. The man who works there toiveling

    all the purchases heard me telling the owner my story. He slipped her $20 to

    give to me to help me out. I was moved to tears. This was a complete

    stranger who was obviously not well off and yet, he gave what he could to

    someone he felt needed it. I don’t think I will ever forget that single act

    of complete chessed, or the feeling I felt right then. What I felt was

    gratitude and amazement and such a deep feeling of utter belonging to the Am

    Kadosh. Earlier this year, I started a small-scale email tzeddaka campaign

    to raise funds for an almana. I must have emailed about 50 people. I actually also posted the letter on this website. The

    worldwide response I got just blew my mind. I know that we take for granted

    that we belong to Klal Yisroel, a nation that cares deeply for family and

    strangers alike, because at the heart of it all we are all one family. This

    year has been such a difficult one for all of us. We have suffered the loss

    of Tzaddikim and Tzidkanios, mothers and fathers, young children and

    grandparents. The political landscape in Eretz Yisroel grows more

    frightening by the day. I read every week the crises we experience, the

    vendettas people feel against each other. I wanted to use this forum as a

    medium to publicize how amazing and kind and good Klal Yisroel is. Now, in

    this month of Elul, I want to remind every reader about the chassodim, small

    and large that are done every day by each and every person in Klal Yisroel.

    I want each person who reads this to carry it with them in their heart and

    when they are davening on Rosh Hashana, they have something to come to

    Hashem with. Cry out- Hakadosh Baruch Hu, there is no other nation in the

    world who would give selflessly and without a thought to someone who was

    going through a hard time. Yes, we make mistakes and yes, we are not

    perfect. But we are humans, and as much as we have messed up, the amount of

    chessed that was perpetuated by this fire we experienced should tip the

    scales and give Klal Yisroel the Zechus to have a Kesiva Vechasima Tova and

    a Gut Gebentched Yohr.

    Rivky Greenspan

    Lakewood, NJ


    There’s already a thread about this, written by the great and holy Joseph:

    Why Yidden are the BEST!

    Y.W. Editor, can you merge this with the above stated thread?


    GMAB, The gadlus of Klal Yisroel is such a vital point, that one thread in never enough.


    To the Great and Holy Rabbi “Joseph”,

    Au contraire, too many threads will dilute this so-called “gadlus.”



    Can I have some cough drops?


    What a beautiful article!

    Thank you for sharing your story and your feelings.

    Your words are very uplifting.

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