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    1) This subject is long overdue, it’s been a while that I wanted to open this thread, was just too busy at work and with my family, now due to the recent negative wave of some attention seekers and bitter souls for personal gain & to get a few dark minutes of fame, they are trying to tarnish the face of observant yidden , especially the so called “ultra frum”, or chassidim, I realized it’s time to bring it on.

    when my neighbor’s small son decided to ‘eat up’ his balloon after busting it, the parents became hysterical, child was choking and changing colors, till.. “Hatzolah” volunteers showed up some 50 seconds after being called, one volunteer after the other came running with the heavy bag with proper equipment in it, the baby was blue when they arrived, but it took them less than a minute to get the ‘obstacle’ out, and the breathing tube became free to get back to normal..

    when my sister had high fever, she was burning hot, looked very ill, (turned out later she had a bad pneumonia), there was no way to get her to the hospital, it was 2:00 am, the Dr. said go right in to the ER, but due to a massive blizzard there was no taxi service available. My parents didn’t get lost, no concern, one phone call to hatzolah has done it, yes, in a matter of minutes the ‘angels’ were standing in our living room, 2 volunteers got out of their beds in the wee hours, got an ambulance over in this weather, and transported her to the hospital..

    Those stories happen 100’s of times each and every day, in dozens of yiddish cities and neighborhoods, may it be just at the beggining of the shabbos meal, when the hungry volunteer just came home from shul to start the seuda and enjoy his family, may it be pesach evening right after starting the kezayis matzo, or yom kipur right after starting the services! hundreds and hundreds of skilled volunteers are sacrificing their most precious times and moments of life to aid people they don’t know and don’t owe anything!


    2) Staring up at the ceiling for the third hour straight, except for the nurses coming every now and then to measure the temperature & blood pressure or drawing some blood, she hasn’t seen anybody today, the beeping sounds of all heart and pulse monitors are simply adding to the depressing dense air..

    Laying in the hospital bed is very painful, sometimes depressing, and very boring, only until the volunteer ladies come marching in, with their smile, delivering a fresh warm ‘custom’ meal, tailored to each patient personally according to their abilities and allowances, wrapped in motherly soothing chizuk, and platinum words..

    Yep, 100’s of busy men, mothers, grand mothers and working girls are taking off from their precious time to do “Bikur cholim” calls on a steady basis..

    Not to forget about the bikur cholim rooms in the hospitals, being refilled daily with fresh kosher food, books and more, even cables to charge any cell phone.. Those meals are being cooked, baked and prepared by another fleet of volunteers.

    Not to forget the numerous boarding places near most major hospitals in many states, how about the bikur cholim buses to and from the hospitals?..

    hey, almost forgot, when the huge hospital bills arrive, the patient almost getting another heart attack opening the bills.. No worries, bikur cholim would chip in a nice chunk to get it of the patients frail shoulders..



    That’s all I have to say, and anyone who, Rachmana Litzlan, had to deal with them, knows what I am talking about. In one of the most distressing and depressing moments in a persons life there is a whole team of volunteers thinking and planning ahead for all those things that there is no way an avel will think of.

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    you’re stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire

    don’t worry, one call to Chaveirim and your tire is fixed and you don’t need to be part of a “club”



    Does that mean that there are no Yeshivish in Hatzolah?

    Does that mean that Yeshivish are not allowed into Bikur Cholim?

    Does that mean MO stop being MO when they get into Hatzolah?

    Only three questions – four questions will be asked in six weeks.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    dull: I cannot fathom how you walked away with that.


    Litvishe Chareidim are called “Yeshivish”,as well asl those with Chassidishe backgrounds who grew up in Litvishe Yeshivos.

    Litvishe Charedim can be and probably are in Bikur Cholim.

    I’m not sure the point was that only Chareidim work in these organizations. Rather I think the point of the OP was to combat the negative impact that a few crazy Chareidim have had in the media by pointing out that Charedim are responsible for some of the largest chessed organizations.


    Charedim are busy posting on this greatest site!!! Day and night. In between too.


    List goes on and on, Shomrim, Chaverim, Misaskim, Chesed shel emes, Mekimi, Chai life line, RCCS, Zichron Shlome refuah fund, L’asurim, Deror, Va’ad Hacnosas orchim, Chesed transportation to & from hospitals (with more than 400 volunteers in Brooklyn), bain ish ubain ochiv, yad layeled, Me’oros, Rodeph Chesed volunteer ambulette, Renewel, Ezer lamozon, Keren Ezer, Bonei oilam, HILF, Oseh chesed, Haazinu, aleh, Tomchai Shabbos, Masbia soup kitchens, you name it…

    p.s. the first Hatzolah organization ever was invented and founded in Williamsburg, same goes with shomrim, bikur cholim (Satmar), Chesed transport, and more. Chaverim, Rodeph chesed, misaskim & more were first founded in Boro Park.


    If people would fully believe that being a caring, kind-hearted individual doesn’t reflect on one’s level of religious observance, there would be less stereotyping, less assumptions, and less accusations.


    Derech, you got the point, Charedim is not limited to chasidish only or yeshivish only, it’s a general term for frum yidden, torah observant people with so much positive activity, with such devotion and selflessness, as a volunteer for one the organizations I keep on witnessing unlimited amounts of chesed and mesiras nefesh to another yid, regardless of race or which circle one belongs.

    Mi k’amcha Yisroel!


    Just play that lipa song “mitzva gorreres mitzva” and youll chap how many orgs. there are.

    Guter yid

    What a beautiful and wonderful article.

    Indeed all those agencies/groups don’t ask anybody how frum they are before lending a helping hand, I’m sure even if this “unorthodox” rebel will be sick in the hospital, bikur cholim will gladly help her out, and hatzalah would give her proper care when needed. They are non discriminative, just out to help a brother/sister in need or in despair.

    I like the way you put it down in reality, keep it up!


    3) 1:30 am, young Mr. Gold all of 24 years old, along with his sister even younger, standing at their mom’s bedside in the emergency room biting their nails, something has to be done right away, life & death decisions, 1 resident doctor heads to surgery yelling “in the operating room now otherwise she will die”! While another floor doctor says it should wait till the morning for more tests and suggests to wait for a big doctor to have the last word..

    With no experience on their hands whatsoever, situation looks grim, they are lost.. Only until a relative gave them a handful of phone numbers to referral and help agencies, to their shocking surprise, within minutes after they finished speaking to a volunteer whom they woke up and discussed the matter at length, a big doctor shows up to see their mother..

    The volunteer was guiding them weeks & weeks through the entire ordeal until the patient was back home, he and one of his associates came down in person a few times to meet with doctors and to ensure the best service and care..

    Same story happens on a steady basis with a Mr. Silver, Mrs. Diamond and Mrs. Pearl, those selfless volunteers are ready 24/7 to give away their time and energy to assist and help a brother in need..

    big deal

    zissy – sorry. Chaveirim was started in Monsey.

    Guter yid

    last night a neighbor approached me to help a yid from EY who is to marry off 2 kids, and his wife is sick, I realized he’s busy with this cause day and night for a while, I asked him what’s his relation to this person, I was surprised to hear that not only is he non related to him, he actually never even met him before, he saw him in shul collecting, and he found a few minutes to talk to him private, so he confided to him, and after a brief research he started getting fully involved, unbelievable! yisroel kedoshim.


    At 2:25 am, before zonking off, ZeesKite realizes that CR is going dull… Fills up an entire screen-full of exciting, stimulating, fascinating, encouraging, humorating masterpieces (OK, call it junk).. All for the benefit of one teeny tiny smile.

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    Was standing yesterday in front of Mt. Sinai hospital where I went to stay with a patient, the way to the hospital I made with the free bikur cholim bus (satmar), the way back I missed it, I was quite lost there, since no yellow cab wanted to stop or pick me up (of course they don’t wanna go across the bridge..), I called “Chesed”, and within 15 minutes I had a free ride home! and still had time to run in to “bikur cholim room” to get some refreshments before leaving..

    The amounts of chesed done by those volunteers is unbelievable!

    tomim tihye

    Hey, somebody had to raise all those amazing people!

    And that’s why I think this thread is about me (and my friends- they can be included too).

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