What are each of the respective seminaries like that you went to?

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    Seminary is a difficult choice- what did you choose your seminary for? what type of haskafa do you have? and what would you have done to enhance your experience?


    Hi zeena. There are tens if not hundreds of seminary threads and posts in the coffee room archives. This is an exhausted topic.

    Searching for the seminary threads is easy. Just go to the sticky on the top of the main page labeled “Searching…” and click on the link in the first post and have fun searching! You can get all your information from there.


    Youre right. it is. the real question is what do think of Darchei Binah?


    darchei binah is considered a little to the left, as its not officially a bais yaakov seminary, but probably one of the frummest of the non bais yaakov seminaries.



    I am a guy so don’t know so much about sems but I do know that with a lot of the non BY sems it really depends on the year. They are much less selective than the BJJs and Hadars… From what I gather it is a mix so you really have to find out who is going.


    Thank you. I need something severly academic and hashkafic that is not yeshivish. where the girls go on to university.


    what about michala?


    Michlala is not a Seminary. It is a College that accepts American students.


    what type of girls go to machon raaya and darchei binah?


    Please answer these questions about Machon Raaya, Darchei Binah, and Michlalah:

    1.What were you or other people at the seminary looking for in a seminary when deciding?

    2.How important is the interview/How intense,etc.- reading of rashi?

    3.What is the style of teaching? Discussion, lecture, classroom setting, chavrusa??

    4.What type of classes are there?

    5.Can you choose your classes?

    6.How much work is there? Tests?

    7.Is the seminary about getting as much done as possible or learning as much as possible out of each thing? Are tests and work a side factor and they really just want the girls to learn or is work a big factor of importance to the seminary?

    8.How hard is it? How hard is hard?

    10.The girls who go there is their focus on learning more textually or learning more and growing more spiritually?

    12.Are they all about the outside or do they focus on the inside as well?

    13.How big of a mix of people is it? Is it hard to find your place?

    14.Do they go on trips? Do they go to Europe?

    15.Are their rules strict? What are some of their rules?

    16.Do they have a uniform?

    17.What is the status of the dorm?

    19.How many meals are given?


    The only sem worth going to in EY is Bnos Burqa (Rabbanit Benizri took it over from Rabbanit Keren when the latter landed in a long-term government-sponsored seminary for advanced teacher training herself).

    The rest of them are just for shopping and hanging out on Ben-Yehuda.


    I think Stehphen King wrote a book, Pet Seminary, answering many of these questions.


    zeena, to be honest, you’ve posted this same very specific list of questions many times in the last couple of weeks on many different threads. In my honest opinion, it is too specific and some of the the questions are difficult to answer. Every year in each seminary is a little different than other years. Each girl is different (finding a person’s place depends on the personality of the girl who is answering your question not the personality of your daughter). From what I’ve ready of your other posts, I know you feel that your daughter needs an intense intellectual seminary. There aren’t that many like that that are really frum, the are usually a little more on the modern side. My step-daughter went to Michlalah last year and she seems very intellectual and is studying at Stern right now. Her skirt length was just the minimum from what I saw of her and I don’t know what kind of music she listened to. There aren’t so many kids who post here and a parent can only give you so much information. Maybe you should cut the # of questions down to something that a person could tackle without spending an hour on your post.


    Does Otisville have any affiliated seminary yet? That would be a great idea – a seminary that prepares girls for lives as Federal koilel wives. Why bother learning how to launder your husband’s dirty socks when you’re going to have to launder his dirty money for five or even ten years at a stretch?


    db vs mich.- i think mich. has a better chance of getting bais yaakov girls- a lot of girls i know were deciding whether the should go to mich or mesores rachel or bjj or bc- they got into both types of sems- and are now in mich and LOVE every second of it and dont regret their choice- my friends in db only applied to db, machon raaya, me’ore, and some to mich

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