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    The shchuna

    Looking at a lot of coffee room talks about Chabad. I can tell that most people here ain’t gotta clue. For instance chabad has a high rate of not tznius women. Well chabad ain’t kick anybody out no matter drugs goy Shabbos they keep them frum by most other places they go flying

    Neville ChaimBerlin

    They’re most mislead about the existence of the word “misleaded” in the English language.


    Anybody who decides anything based on coffee room posts instead of speaking to daas Torah wants to be misled.


    The schuna so do litvish people, today.


    Ask anyone who has to travel all over the world for business (or those who choose to travel for vacation) and has been able to find a minyan/kosher meal in places we didn’t even know existed or never expected to find a yid about Chabad. Ask a yid in the U.S. or EY who tragically has a child niftar overseas and needs assistance in return of the body thorugh a labyrinth of government rules that have no consideration for kavod hames what they think about the assistance provided by a Chabad shalicach when the American/Israeli embassy was of limited help? Ask the family of a child who had gone OTD and have not heard from him /her in years and then suddenly resurfaces as a BT what they think about Chabad?
    It all depends on who you ask.


    Unfortunately the not tznius affects more than just the newly religious; even some of the longtime families suffer from this egregious sin.


    I love Chabad because they are yidden, and I love all yidden, because that is a mitzvah (V’Ahavta). Just as I keep shabbos, kashrus and ad dlo yada – I also keep V’Ahavta l’rayacha lo’mocha.

    Anyone that b’shita does not love ANY yidden is simply not frum (= not a shomer mitzvos).

    Yes we make jokes about yekkas, and Telzers, and Chaim Berliners, and Briskers (don’t get me started on Brisker jokes) and Chabad, and Breslov…but it is only good humored fun (just as we might make fun of ourselves) without any viciousness or hatred.

    Yidden are like my cholent – there are potatoes, beans, barley, meat, onions and all my secret ingredients. We need each ingredient to make the cholent and if one is removed, the cholent won’t be what it should.

    The beans in the cholent might make fun of the potatoes, and the meat might think that he is the “real” cholent and the onion is not part of the Cholent Tzibbur, but that is pure silliness.

    So if you are the barley or the spice – without the rest of us you do not make the Tzibbur of Klal Yisroel.

    Southern Yid

    The Rishus in your comment is horrifying.

    I have been in Chabad houses all across the world. I don’t think their level of tznius is any lower than Cleveland or Baltimore or Monsey. But their level of love for a fellow Jew obviously goes far beyond yours. You should be embarrassed to put such a post and this website should be embarrassed to share it


    I live in Israel. I am very familiar with Chabad and Chabadniks and have very little good to say about their philosophy. But to claim that their women are in violation of tznius regulations is patently false and an evil statement to boot.

    Not commenting

    This is too much שנאת חנם no yid should have any authority to speak negative about any other yid LH also counts in posts.
    Really this whole post should be taken off.


    People can disagree whether chabad is the way to serve HaShem. Nobody disagrees that chabad has changed the world for the better.


    Some people are anti-Semites (definition: they hate Jews).

    Not necessarily do anti-Semites hate ALL Jews (they love saying some of my best friends are Jewish).

    To be an anti-Semite, there is no requirement to be a goy. A Jew can also qualify as an anti-Semite. All that is required is to hate SOME Jews.

    The way to show others that you hate Jews (are an anti-Semite) is by badmouthing Jews. (Again, no need to bad mouth all Jews, it is enough to bad mouth SOME Jews).

    Comments posted here that badmouth ANY Jews is simply anti-Semitic. Sad, if the posters are Jewish, but if so,their yichus is suspect, and needs bdika.


    Since you care to deferentiate between Chabad and Chabadniks, please kindly share with me what of Chabad philosophy (not Chabadniks) you do not like?

    I honestly want to know what is bad about it — as far as I’m concerned it is purely based on Torah. And especially coming from someone who is “very familiar” with it!! (I mean, I can tell you that most Chabadniks aren’t even VERY familiar with Chabad philosophy, so hearing of someone who is CRITICAL of Chabad and who is knowledgeable is news to me!)

    In fact, how about this: to show you how sincere I am in my purr interest as to what you have to say, I bli neder take upon myself to not respond to your comments on the matter unless you (not anyone else) request or allow me to. How’s that??

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