What Are the Causes of Canon Printer Not Printing Black?

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    What are the causes of canon printer not printing Black? When you have your Canon Printer not printing anything, it could be one of many reasons. There are several reasons for this problem. The most common reason is that your print heads are dirty or clogged. The first thing you need to do is make sure your printer is turned off and unplugged. Then clean the print heads.


    Same fix for most brands of printers…if cleaning heads doesn’t resolve the problem, try removing the black ink cartridge and after re-inserting it, check to see if the printer recognizes it or not. For some brands, if a printer does not recognize the cartridge, then hold the “stop” button for a few seconds and try again. Holding the stop button help to disable the Cartridge and after you start up again, it will sometimes recognize the ink cartridge. Also check to confirm your printer driver software is current.


    Inkjet printers are junk. They will incessantly clog, especially if used intermittently. Even with replacing the cartridge, it will sometimes still be clogged. The business model is to sell expensive ink cartridges and give the printer away below cost.


    Depending which program you are using it may be a setting issue. If you are printing with Adobe or similar programs. The setting in the program may be be set to RYGB which causes greyish blacks. It should be set to CYMK.

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    you don’t need to buy expensive cartridges from the manufacturer, this is same scam as over-priced esrogim or wine, and halakha usually allows boycotting them. Buy third party half-price cartridges, they are as good (or as bad) as the originals. Or invest in a laser printer that prints cheaply.

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