What are the meaning of rainbow–did anyone see one on Friday?

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    I had opened my window blinds on Friday evening–it was still light outside–I had made early Shabbos and wanted to enjoy the daylight for a few minutes and a rainbow was staring me in the face….

    tomim tihye

    I missed it, my children saw it, and said the brocha.


    Was it a double rainbow all the way across the sky? Wow wow oh my gosh!


    It means your filter is due for an update.


    It means that moisture droplets in the sky were breaking up the white light, revealing the spectrum of colors.

    No, seriously. That’s what it means. There are probably dozens visible on the planet at every second of the day.

    If you’d like, go out in your yard with a garden hose and duplicate the effect. It’s a good lesson for children, too.

    Sometimes a rainbow is just a rainbow.


    Tomim – I did say the brocha.

    Moskidoodle – From my vantage point I only saw a large arc–not all the way across the sky and it was so-o-o pretty!

    HaleiVi-You sound like the voice of gloom and doom. Lighten up a little!

    Concerned Member – thanks for the scientific definition – I was wondering if from a Yiddishkeit perspective there is an underlying meaning to a rainbow.


    It’s a reminder of Hashem’s promise that won’t bring another mabul. Azoi shteit in Genesis 9:16.


    Several years ago, we were walking home from lunch on a Shabbat afternoon, and we saw a rainbow – and we had read parshat Noach that morning. That was a little freaky.


    It means they’ve stolen me lucky charms.


    I remember it once hailing on Pesach


    It is important to memorize the Bracha. You usually don’t have time to look for a siddur

    yaakov doe

    The double rainbow just before Shabbos was to honor those who gave up the internet after the asifa, and to remind Flatbush residents of the Flatbush asifa.


    People really need to learn Maseches Chagigah. Also, see the Chayei Adam (I think it’s by the Bracha on the rainbow in his Klal on Birchos R’iyah).


    The Bris Kehuna (ma’areches kuf) disagrees with the Chayei Adam and says it’s a joyous occasion and says one should tell everyone. My rav says that there is no makor for the Chayei Adam, and that aderaba, from the Sefer Chasidim (807) it is mashma like the Bris Kehuna, because he discusses the halacha of whether one who disrupted some people from chazaras hashatz to tell them about a rainbow for them to make a bracha on did the right thing, and he doesn’t mention anything about not telling people about rainbows.

    -Ohr Yitzchak II OC 89.


    Yitay: I always found that Chayei Adam’s source interesting (“I saw in a Sefer but I don’t remember where”). I spent quite a long time trying to look for the source. It is Mashma from the Gemara though. I always wondered about that too-if telling someone else about it only so they can make the Bracha is wrong according to him. I have thought that P’shat is that it’s K’ilu telling Lashon Harah on the whole world, because you’re pointing out that the world right now isn’t Ra’ui to be saved from Mei Hamabul (see, also, the story in Kesubos when R’ Yehoshua Ben Levi, I think, went up to Shamayim).

Viewing 16 posts - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)
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