What Are Your Top FOUR Nisayon-Survival Tips?

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    1.Saying:”Hashem,I’m giving this to you right now.”

    OR:”Please send me the clarity to deal with this properly…”

    2.Reaching out to a lonely person on the phone.Cheering up

    others works like a boomerang.

    3.LAUGHING,with a friend,my kids,or an old funny comedy.

    4.Singing or writing.

    No specific order… just as needed.

    Does anyone relate?


    Saying tehilim

    Thinking of my parents

    Doing chesed

    Giving Tzedaka


    1. Telling myself I can do whatever it is I want to do tomorrow. I.e., trying to convince myself to wait a day.

    2. Learning Torah (paga bicha menuval zeh moshchehu libeis hamidrash)

    3. Vigorous Exercise

    4. Repeat




    * Do a cost/benefit anaylsis, to see if its really worth it

    * Think: Would I do this if ____ were here with me?

    A good example of cost / benefit was learnt on the stairclimber. It takes a mere 2 minutes to gobble down a danish and milkshake (say.. 1500 calories?)

    It takes 20 minutes of really hard work to burn a measly 200 calories!

    So.. considering how much time / effort it takes to wipe your slate clean, is it really worth the 2-5 fleeting minutes enjoyment of an averah?


    I see you “downsized” your name?


    Yeah. Check the GS4 and the Poppa=Mod-80 threads for the story behind it

    Pashuteh Yid

    Women don’t have nisyonos to begin with.


    Pashuteh Yid only a Modern Chareidi Zionist wud say something like that

    women definately have nisyonos it cud be that certain tayva related ones arent the same for women as they are for men

    but they definately have nisyonos of tzniyus, genayva, loshon hora etc…


    Speaking to Hashem from the heart.

    Accepting the nisayon (have had quite a few, not the least of which was losing both my parents within a few months of each other, unexpectedly).

    Resolving not to let it defeat me.

    Trying to be a better person, to be worthy of the help I am asking from Hashem.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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