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    I am a counsler in agudah toronto and im going back for my 4th year they have a very kosher invirment great head staff, counslers sports, trips, concert they also have a mesivta program with R. Avi Dienna filled with ruchneis and gashmeis they go on a trip four major trips


    i was there three years ago and i had a awesome time they got great head staff rabbi GADI and TZVI we went to NIAGRA, MAIRINLAND,INDOOR WATER PARK, CONCERT etc.


    Ok all that is nice, im glad you had a great experience there. But lets say that I don’t want to send my kid outside of the United States? Where should I send them?


    According to activist R’ Nochum Rosenberg, one should be very careful to investigate the camp and counselors etc.

    It seems that child abuse (inappropriate touch) is more common than people think.

    Educate your child about this. Many people are uncomfortable with the subject and don’t want to talk to their kids about it. Make sure they know that it’s not OK for anyone to touch them, and if anything happens they should tell you immediately

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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