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    jO jO

    Election day will soon be here, and I must say that I am very concerned.



    jO jO- No need to make an official topic about it. You’re just filling up space. But I promise you there will always be something to argue about here!!!

    jO jO

    Let’s just discuss this for a moment.

    If the “Obamanation” wins (chas veshalom) what will the argument be?

    If John McCain wins (I”H) what will the argument be?


    How we can protect ourselves from an Obamination Administration?

    Joe Schmo

    Joseph: al tiftach peh lisatan.

    This pig will wreck all havoc. Mark my words. I am thoroughly convinced that this illegal Muslim immigrant is about to destroy America, with all the “Chovivei Hatorah” wack-jobs sheering him on.

    1 in a million

    Joe – I’m just wondering – do you get all of your political knowledge from the Yated and YW, etc?

    The political opinions on this site are an embarassment to our religion.

    Just for record, I’m voting Republican. But to say that Obama is an illegal Muslim immigrant who will destroy America? Come on, at least make an attempt at sounding intelligent, so people might actually think of taking you seriously.


    Wait a second.

    Barack Obama is neither Muslim nor an illegal immigrant. He is a devout Christian and was born in America, in Honolulu, Hawaii.


    All jewishfeminist02 said has been undeniably proven.


    we’ll prob end up getting back to the toppic of the “shidduch crisis” 😉


    Just a suggestion – After Tuesday, why don’t we start discussions that are productive and might help people, instead of fighting and causing unnecessary Sinas Chinam.

    Then again – Just a suggestion!


    I agree.


    I say, why don’t we start on the moderator’s idea NOW!


    Before we stop this discussion- CAN OBAMA EVEN PROVE HE IS ABLE TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT? He has not shown us his birth certificate yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Imagine he (Chas vashalom, chas vechalila) gets elected (and the race is too close to call-daven hard sane people) and is found out not to be American born- then BIDEN will be president! I am not sure right now who is worse… a socialist liberal or a nutcase who cant close his mouth…


    havomeseichel, If Obama is somehow disqualified after election day, Biden does not automatically assume the office of the Presidency. It would be up to the electoral college to decide. (They are the 538 people we are voting for on Tuesday — contrary to popular impression, voters do NOT vote for President.)


    Thanks you YW Moderator, please put a topic on the table and we will take it from there.



    His birth certificate has been verified.

    Also, you seem to have no actual idea what “socialism” is. If you did, you couldn’t in all honesty say that Obama is a socialist. There is a way to disagree with someone’s policies without using false, inflammatory names. That being said, you’re probably well aware of this and don’t really care anyway.


    how about: “How to impeach him”?


    “YW Moderator


    Just a suggestion – After Tuesday, why don’t we start discussions that are productive and might help people, instead of fighting and causing unnecessary Sinas Chinam.

    Then again – Just a suggestion! “

    Here’s a suggestion for you: Since you see that these forums cause so much fighting and unnecessary Sinas Chinam, why don’t YOU do something about it – like closing the forum down? The vote that you took some time ago (“Should YW start a forum?”) received an overwhelming “no”, yet you started one anyway. Now you are seeing what the forum is used for, and all you are willing to do is make a suggestion that you KNOW will not be taken seriously?

    Is the extra advertising money really worth this? If it is worth it to you, are you ALLOWED to create such a forum al pi halacha just for monetary gain? Did you ask THAT to your “Daas Torah”? I think not because in the past the “Daas Torah” remarks have always been Torahdig (even if not universal).


    He is a socialist and I know what the word means. I do not use over-inflated rhetoric just to prove my point, unlike some people on YW. I think I might have had a stronger education then some on these posts…

    Socialism (as per the dictionary): Any of various theories or systems of social organization in which the means of producing and distributing goods is owned collectively or by a centralized government that often plans and controls the economy.

    The stage in Marxist-Leninist theory intermediate between capitalism and communism, in which collective ownership of the economy under the dictatorship of the proletariat has not yet been successfully achieved.

    ok, if Obama does not fit under that, I dont know who will. His “steal from the rich and give to the poor” ideas? His “I’ll take care, as president, to make sure you always have gas for your car, oil to heat your homes, your mortgage paid off….” mantra that his blind followers listen to??? Oh, and his rich category is falling drastically, that soon the average person is now “rich”- makes less then 90,000 a year… I thought it was origionally 200,000. Then went to 150, 100 and just wait to see where it ends next!


    “why don’t we start discussions that are productive and might help people, instead of fighting and causing unnecessary Sinas Chinam.”

    most threads here start as you suggested

    the problem is that they almost always turn.


    LOOKS like this arguement will go way past Tuesday according to some posts here. Pple are still arguing who is better. HELLO EVERYBODY!!!! IT’S OVER!!!!

    Hashem stays in control anyway, be it Obama or Mccain. He is OUR PRESIDENT.


    he is gods hands watever happens good or bad its from hashem maybe we can take this as a sign to do teshuva we could try not to speak loshen hara i c alot of it on yeshiva world the way ppl speak to each other


    Did Tuesday come yet?


    If we’ve argued about anything since the OP’s message, Tuesday must’ve come and gone.


    But do not fret, it will come again!


    The Lakewood School Budget Referendum is on 1/26 which is Tuesday also. Will the monitor get the $6.2 million increase? The Lakewood Board of Education had a board meeting about what they will do if they don’t get the budget increase.

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