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    We must daven and learn and do chesed extra b’zchus the soldiers, everyone should take upon themselves 1 name of a soldier and keep it in mind. By being mechazik in these areas we can b”h see our young men come back safely, and our brothers and sisters in the Northern and Southern borders safe again. It says when Dovid Hamelech went out to battle he had one soldier on the battlefield and another corresponding soldier in the Bais Medrash learning Torah. Klal Yisroel should be zoche to stick to this project and we should be zoche to see the Geula Shleima Bikarov Amen!

    We are trying to get as many names as possible to distribute them to schools and yeshivos all over the USA so students can daven, learn, and do acts of chessed b’zchus the safety and siatoh dishmaya of each of our boys….Please list names of any soldiers currently in Gaza: his hebrew name and his mothers hebrew name, please send the names to @gmail.com">adoptanisraelisoldier@gmail.com

    thank you


    Tizke LeMitzvos



    thanx IY’H i’ll call tomorrow.


    Send them pizza: http://pizzaidf.org/

    (On their website: All products are Kosher l’Mehadrin)


    We should all remember that even though most of the soldiers are residents of E”Y, there are a bunch who live in America. Just think about the guy who lives on your street in America, he is now in Gaza, potentially giving up his life for E”Y, even though he doesn’t live there. We should daven with extra kavana that ALL the soldiers are matzliach.


    Keep in mind that the ordinary citizens are also actinag as soldiers. Tonight at a womens gathering I heard of a man who covered a baby carriage as the Kassams fell and his legs had to be removed from all the shrapnel. His injury was reported as “lightly injured” by the Israeli media. We also heard about the many people in Sdereot and the Southern area that have cancer in the area where the kassams fall as they are radioactive. This is almost never even spoken about! Every Israeli in the South is a soldier and all need our tefillos and financial support!


    I got a name of a soldier in Israel and now feel like my davening is not just for me, but also for the chayal i.e. if my mind wanders and my tefillah is not the way it should be then I’m not just losing out for myself, but I’ll also be letting down “my soldier”. It’s an impetus for my davening to be better.

    Bais Yaakov maydel

    wow thats such an amzaing idea


    Great idea! Why didnt joseph think of it? lol


    apparently there was more than one set of brains created


    IF ANYONE KNOWS A NAME PLEASE SEND IT TO @gmail.com">adoptanisraelisoldier@gmail.com


    moshe ben mazal is mine!!


    Shlomo ben Bracha


    I have one too… it makes me have extra kavana… i have to flip to the front of my siddur so it stops me from flying through….


    my whole school got one

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