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    How much did you pay for it? Does it work?


    Are you asking in the US or Israel? I’ve got a Galaxy J7 Prime, I believe I paid around 1,600 shekels for it. In theory it works well, however I bought it so that so that I could use both my kosher and non-kosher lines on it. However they had to put some special operating system on it that enables the kosher sim card to work and it’s messed up my phone a lot. I’ve had to take it back to the shop multiple times to have it redone until I finally told them to get rid of it completely which they tried but once they install this operating system you can never fully get it back to factory settings, however the problems are manageable.

    I started off with a Galaxy S4 and loved it but when it broke I went for a “M’ushar” LG phone. The M’ushar setup was way too restrictive with app options, and things like GPS didn’t work on it. I’m much happier with a regular phone and just slapping Netspark on it for filtering. I also didn’t like the LG as a phone in and of itself as well so I jumped back to Galaxy. I’m a pretty big fan of galaxy phones in general, however I had to replace my wife’s galaxy a few months back and bought her a Xiaomi A2 which works just as well as any Galaxy (although it takes a bit of getting used to as the setup is slightly different). I saw them selling a Xiaomi 6 I believe it was in the store the other day for 550 shekels and if I was in the market for a new phone I would just save a ton of money and buy that.

    What do you need the phone for though? Are there certain apps you need or physical capabilities? (i.e. good camera or a lot of memory)



    I have an LG 3. I think I bought it used, and I have no idea how much I paid for it. It works, that’s what’s important.


    assurnet: What’s the point of you having a kosher phone if you also have a non-kosher phone?


    I have a tin can and some string


    Joseph – excellent question. Many beit yaakovs won’t let you apply listing a non-kosher number. Even if you explain that you need a non-kosher phone for work purposes and even if the phone is fully filtered. Often they have no actual problem knowing that you have such an alternative phone, they literally just want a kosher number on file with the school whether you use it or not.


    Recent model Iphone or Samsung Galaxy provide the widest range of features and application, plenty of memory and fastest processing capability if you need it for work applications. The prices are higher than if you need a phone only for basic voice calls and perhaps limited internet access for navigation, etc.


    I have a flip phone


    I have a museum-quality phone that cost nothing (free minutes were worth more than the phone), that fits in my pocket easily, texts and does voice though the quality is poor (which might be the fault of my ears, which are long past warranty). The phone is identical to a model on display in the Smithsonian (apparently it was used to introduce online banking in East Africa back in the 20th century, revolutionizing their economy),so at the very least its as antiquated as I am. It works fine.


    simple kosher phone and iphone 8.


    Galaxy note 12 ultra costed me about 3grand preproduction model not ready public release yet


    If you aren’t looking for a kosher phone per se, Xiaomi is the best value right now. I have had a Redmi Note 4 for over two years with no issues, the battery lasts forever and the camera is decent. If you want a more “normal” Android experience, use a launcher like Lawnchair (it’s free) and it will feel more standard.

    The Redmi Note 7 Pro has a camera that is almost on par with the top iPhone, and costs $250 for the top of the line model (coming out next week). You can buy their phones online from AliExpress, BangGood, GearBest etc.


    An Israeli kosher phone on Golan network, and no, it doesn’t work.

    Sent from my Samsung Kosher Phone

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