What Chabad Meshichism and Anti-Vaxxism Have in Common

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    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Institutional insanity.

    Some of the individuals spouting these irrational dogmas are sane in most other areas, but somehow when it comes to these, they lose it.

    I guess when you have a group supporting you, it’s easy for the left side of the brain to be shouted down.



    Oh, boy…

    an Israeli Yid


    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Apparently, the anti-vaxxers read legal decisions as poorly as the meshichists read the Rambam.



    25 years ago my Rav was talking about the dangers of the internet. He wasnt talking about the shmutz, thats available at every news stand, the internet just facilitates its access. However, the ability for anyone with access to a keyboard to anonymously shoot off their mouth and bash anyone and everyone, something they would never get up in public and do, or ever sign their real name to. That was and is the single biggest danger of the internet in his opinion.


    Reb Eliezer

    They only see what they want to see like those who only accepted kiddush hachodash only through edim but not through cheshban because they would recognize only what they can see.



    To op: its a bit early to be playing the Greeks but happy chanuka!


    Neville ChaimBerlin

    This makes sense. We might as well consolidate the only 2 topics the CR wants to talk about into 1 thread for convenience.

    Did you hear the recent study that learning Chassidus other than Chabad can lead to autism? Does that change your mind at all? I’m not going to provide any source, but why would I lie?



    “That was and is the single biggest danger of the internet in his opinion.”

    He is wrong.
    while that is bad, a far bigger danger is it gives a platform and support to people with all sorts of kooky ideas.
    Much like shmutz, there where always conspiratorial magazines available that discussed chemtrails being used for mind control, vaccines causing autism, and elvis shooting JFK from the grassy knol. Most people were embarrassed to announce they take this stuff seriously, and (virtyually) all people knew it was’nt meant to be real.
    Today though there is more and more of this stuff anonymously available, so feeble minded people who are easily taken in by conspiratorial thinking find that hey other people are thinking this stuff too, and look at all these websites there must be some truth to it .



    Ubiquitin. Thats what he had in mind. Anyone can anonymously make claims about everyone and everything without the need to take responsibility for the things they write, or the fear of backlash.



    so he was right!
    ( and I was wrong, for misunderstanding, and dismissing quickly.


    apushatayid ,ubiquitin,
    of course those who appear “logical”, articulate ,and master the medium and will always be more influential, “intelligent” and convincing than decent people who don’t

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