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    What have you experienced in your life or a story/mashal with a strong message that changed your everyday thinking or had a strong impact on your life(style)?

    (I have one but can’t type it up now. I will possibly share it later.)



    My whole life (so far!) has changed me! Every experience – major and minor, every happy and hard time… im not getting more personal than that.

    morah reyna

    My Rav once told me, “You are never fully alone, concentrate on AIN OD MILVADO.” If you make that a principle to live by it makes a huge difference in your life view.


    I think for most of us there are many. One of the first things that changed me was when I was nervous about a test and I had intentions to cheat. I set everything up so that I could cheat if I needed to. In the end I didn’t cheat because really I had studied well but I got caught anyways. I was around six or seven. I never even thought about cheating ever again. I wasn’t religious at the time but I knew that G-d was watching me and I’d better not steal or cheat or even think about it because I’d certainly get into trouble. Now that I’m religious I realise that when I leave the world I’ll have to give an accounting for all of the times that I even thought about doing bad things and so I have to be occupied with the kinds of things that G-d wants me to do so that I won’t be embarrassed when I get up there. When I wasn’t religious I wasn’t thinking about the conversation with G-d.


    1.Motzi Shaym Ra taught me that I could serve Hashem even “from the mud”. And that my value is not based on the opinions of gossip-mongers.

    2.People who confessed to having been “jealous” of me prior to my- entire-life-becoming-public-property, taught me that we often envy someone for externalities….and are completely unaware of what they are actually experiencing.


    Being put into a difficult marriage actually gave me tremendous courage and confidence in myself. I, a young little shnook dealt with an abusive spouse. I chose not to believe him when I was put down. I took action and got myself help. I put him in therapy and changed his life forever. I ended the marriage when it was killing me. My family is amazed with my strength as am I. Today I have a major experience under my belt that I passed with flying colors while my friends barely started dating. I never had the self confidence that I now have and I love it.


    Every day, take 30 seconds to thank Hashem (IIRC, Rav Miller).


    iread an article in the family first b4 pesach about moshiach coming. i got so inspired from that, that i was smiling and longingfor moshiach the whole nite. the next day, when i got dressed, i thought “if moshiach would come right now, would i be comfertable about how i am dressed?”. this helped me every day as i look in the mirror before i leave the house. fixing my hair a little,changing my skirt…

    yossi z.

    I would have to say the rough patches of my life helped me grow. With the help of family and friends around I was able to use those experiences to build and the harder the experience, the greater was the step. Oh, and of course learning from mistakes, be they mine or others, whether major or minor.

    😀 Zuberman! 😀


    life is a growing experience.



Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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