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    Do they want you to take the bait and get upset, do they want to be called out as trolls? if you are a troll feel free to share what you want.


    A poster is called a troll when some feel his views are too extreme for their taste and cannot believe someone actually believes it. It makes these folks very queasy and uncomfortable to have to hear such views.

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    I just want want people to think, and maybe to smile.



    Exactly. Many MO people here post extreme views to make frummies look bad….like the one who asks if he should spank his adult son and then complains that today’s belts don’t whip so well. I call that trolling.


    By the way, one of my comments wasn’t approved because it contained a 3-letter synonym for “edited”…..now that’s extreme.

    always here

    hi Goq!! 🙂 miss you!!

    a troll *may* be a poster who calls others names & is then condoned here, & those comments are allowed to continue to be repeated/reposted. ……………maybe that’s why I’m not ‘always here’ anymore?! o.O


    The term Troll has a unique definition in this CR section of YWN. Usually it is used to refer to someone ruining a site by posting fake, repetetive, or disturbing material. On this site it came to mean anyone with a different taste than your own.

    This is not a help-me site, nor a recipe site. This section is for conversations about any topic, including funny ones. If someone starts a ridiculous topic, it is called being funny, whether you like the joke or not. If someone starts a conversation about what to do with his millions he is having fun; it is theorhetical or perhaps funny. If someone were to post an emergency Tehillim notification that turns out to be fake that would be a real troll. Also, if someone creates a fake impression of being popular through fake agreements, we can call that ruining the experience of users of the site, hence a troll. There are levels in between in which you’ll have to consult your LOM.

    the plumber

    Agreed haleivi. We gotta remove all these people’s plungers.

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    “what do trolls really want”

    billy goat gruffs?


    Trolls are a myth. A troll is in essence an insincere poster. We are all sincere.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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