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    I’m confused as to how women in the country all summer keep themselves busy In a meaningful way during the day while their kids are in camp. All I see for the most part is women power-walking in pairs or groups (mostly while each is on her phone), or going out for Lunch in groups. Aside from the series of shiurim at the Regency Estates once a week for 4 weeks, I see no other shiurim available during the day at all! Is anyone else bothered by this?


    Maybe they post here.


    Maybe they’re listening to shiurim on the phone.


    women in general are busy. they are making food to feed their family, cleaning up after their children and husband (or just children if their husband is in the city) and doing all the things women do which make them good mothers! since that is their job as an eishes chayil, its quite meaningful. so theres your answer.


    1. Women in the mountains do the same thing they do in the city. They take care of their homes and children. In the country children do not go to day camp for a straight day. They come home for snacks, drinks bathrooms etc. all day. They also come home for lunch which means lunch has to be made on a daily basis.

    They shop and cook and clean and clean and clean and clean. They shlep their laundry to a laundry room and work on their middos while sharing public machines. They watch their children outside and chase after them. If they are lucky they sometimes manage to fit in a swim.

    Also just because you only know of Regency’s shiurim does not mean there are no other shiurim available. Aside from publicized shiurim of which there are many, some colonies like my own have their own shiurim. My colony has 3 shiurim weekly for women plus a daily tehilim gathering at which they also do shmiras haloshan and tefilla.


    Why assume that just because they don’t post their shiurim for the public to see, that they don’t exist? Many bungalow colonies have tehillim groups and sometimes that is also followed up by a daily shmirus haloshon halacha lesson. Some places have video lectures once a week and some live lectures once a week. Yes, it is common for the women to go walking or some other form of exercise. And for your information, the same women whose kids are in daycamp often have a baby or toddler not yet in day camp that they are taking care of. Yes, it is a form of vacation, and there is nothing wrong with spending the summer rejuvenating by swimming, exercising and yes, leisure time. Many of these women work all year or even from home which means by computer from their bungalows. So cut them some slack; just because they don’t post their schedule for your approval doesn’t mean they aren’t doing something constructive with their time.


    They are Bidshacher all day.


    I’m happy some of you who responded have wonderful stuff and worthy endeavors going on. But like I said I see many, many women going for long, leisurely lunches at expensive restaurants on any given day… They’re all out on the street so I don’t think they busy all day inside cleaning, cooking and taking care of babies…


    Best to concentrate on keeping your side of the street clean. Don’t worry about what other people are doing.


    maybe im missing something, but why is it any of your business what someone does to keep herself busy all day? why is it any of your business if they are going out for lunch in expensive restaurants on any given day? why is it a problem that they are out on the street?


    And what if women do take a few weeks vacation in the summer? So they treat themselves to outings. Good for them! What is this interrogation all about?

    Mothers work hard enough all year to relax in a different atmosphere for a while.

    Anyway, any mother can tell you she’s busier in a bungalow colony. The kids are out about 2 morning hrs and 2 hrs in the afternoon. Versus in the city, the kids are out of the house for about 6 consecutive hours.


    Ask not for whom the bell trolls, it trolls for thee.


    Women are absolved and have no chiyuv in Limud Torah. It is okay for them to be bitul zman.


    What they do?!? Hmm..

    Could be they do the same thing as in the city. Just with slightly more effort, with a lot less. Less space. Less amenities, conveniences, appliances. Generally its an endless battle against the dirt, elements for invading the personal space. Generally doctors for kids are not down the block. So with the grocery, supermarket. Then there the issues that only country life brings on, like children vs. the wild outdoors. Close (too close) neighbors.. And the list goes on..


    Rachelle, this is another example of someone sticking their nose in someone else’s business. It’s no concern of yours


    lots of the women are also involved in chesed projects.

    some are doing needlepoints, going for power walks to keep their bodies trim and ehalthy.

    going food shopping is much more work than in the city.

    this is something that has been going on forever…instead of wondering what the wives are doing all week, ask your moms what they did all week



    Great line, Goq!

    But rather than worry about what the women do upstate, a better question would be, what to the guys do in the city all day?

    Uh oh. Um, maybe that’s not such a good question to ask.

    Too bad it all ends in a few weeks.

    Close (too close) neighbors..

    Oooh, did you hit a raw nerve, ZK. Wow, do I hear you on this one.


    Rochelle must be busy guarding her bridge and keeping her eyes out for the three billy goats gruff.


    They are taking life the easy way.


    FWIW, you can eat bons bons just as easily in a chair by the pool as you can on the couch at home.

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