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    lil B

    I would like to know each person who is chassidish or became chassidish or married into chassidish and please specify that in ur responce, what does chassidish mean to you?


    Some people dress the part but don’t act the part. Some people act the part but don’t dress the part.

    I’ll stand up for the latter anytime.


    Chassidish bachur. It means a life full of rich flavorful yiddishkeit, not watered down in any way. Also much less confusion I know wat i am i know my minhagim I know wat I’m striving for, and Im trying and thts all that counts. It’s a very Leibedik kind of life , even tho I gotta say yeshivish bachurim are one of a kind the Way they learn Torah is geshmack , and the Midois forget about it. Don’t get me wrong their are MANY. Like that in my yeshiva but just wanted to point that out. What’s majorly different about chassidish is our focus on following a rebbe, and learning from him and letting him guide us. Also we focus alot on and how sometimes one powerful niggun sung from the heart can make u feel a closeness to The Abishter that you don’t always feel through learning. You gotta take chassidus to it’s fullest you can’t just pick or choose.


    Chein- doesn’t matter what u look like blCk hat baseball cap , shtreimel, beiner, bekeshe, suit, jeans , shorts ,you get the point. A yid is a yid bcz of that neshama and their higher calling. as long as their trying their best on their level to be the best eved Hashem they can be that’s all that matters. Yes I understand it’s very disturbing when ppl fake who they are but, nu way can b done. Their clearly struggling.


    i come from a modern family, my father being a holocaust survivor from a real chassidish family did never educate us to be chasidish in any way. hashem leads the world and i married into a real chasidishe family. my wife is diffrent then the family but she grew up very chasidish. i have experienced a few things since i got married. theres nothing like the warmkeit chasidim have when they daven. for years i attended a shir in bnei yissoscher and i can say chasidishe toires had a huge inpact on me.


    another point might be the chinuch of the kids. they go to general chassidish cheider whereas i grew in a more modern one and i see a certain diffrence.


    Having married a chasidishe boy and not coming from a chassidishe background, the technical differences are:

    1) Tisch – Friday night after the meal the men go to the rebbe

    2) We follow one direction, we have one dayan, specific minhagim, there is no wishy washy…

    3) My husband goes to the mikvah every morning (what does that mean to me? lost towels!;) )

    4) Levush

    5) speaks to our children in Yiddish

    6) My husband doesnt have conversations with females other than family. He will not strike up a conversation with my friend or neighbor.

    In other aspects, the fact that my husband is very warm, sings loads of zmiros etc. I dont know if this is bec he is chassidish, I am sure there are vareme litvaks too.


    (First, the wisecracks)

    1 – Being able to have a coffee before brachos, and a l’chaim after olainu

    2 – Being able to skip tachnun more days that my litvish friends

    3 – Being able to find a minyan for mincha, when the litvaks are getting ready for bed

    Ok, now serious:

    The biggest benefit is being part of a team, with a team leader. Its also very reassuring to know there is a support network in place to lend a hand if you’re in a pinch.

    And the potato kugel tastes better when you wear a gartel, and have langeh payis 🙂


    If you’re not Chassidish, you’ll never understand anyway 😉

    a mamin

    It’s avodah with a BREN!!!!!!!!


    there is def a bigger bren and more “varemkeit” when you look at the chassidish bochurim… vs the litvish ones. but I think one thing that they have which I will never have ( and thats sad for me) is that they have a rebbe who they can ask about anything but they are following one derech. my mother always says that when she was pregnant with my special brother she wished she would have a rebbe that she can go to who would just calm her down and guide her. that brings a certain serenity


    First the wisecracks:

    This one came off a poll on a chassidish (Chabad) friend’s blog.

    What does chasidish mean to you?

    _ Rabbeinu Tam’s tefillin

    _ Farbrengen’s

    _ Smashed hat

    _ late shacharis

    _ lot’s of alcohol

    Another chassidish friend (Kalisch) told me: C’mon, in your Young Israel, you can do this in the beis medrash?

    “This” was dancing on the tables at a Purim seuda.

    Seriously speaking, I’m not chasidish so I only know chasidus through the sefarim and if people live that way it must be amazing. It’s all about kirvas elokim.

    …and l’chaim. 🙂

    a mamin

    A point to add about Levush, dressing the part may not always be a mirror of what you are truly within, BUT it may also keep you from doing some things that you shouldn’t , based on being identified easily. So therefore, even if you don’t have sincere feelings the way you should, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress the part. BUT if Chas Veshalom, you are going where you shouldn’t, don’t make a chilul Hashem, leave your hat and ” langa rekel” home!!


    Another chassidish friend (Kalisch)

    Kalisch? Kalisch is a region in Poland that is the source of the Kalisch/Kalischer etc surname but there is no such Chassidus. Do you mean Karlin? There is Kaalov as well but the present Rebbes of Kalov don’t seem to really have formal Chassidim, they help Yidden of all origins.

    a mamin

    There is a town in Europe, Kalish, and there is a Kalisher Rebbe in Flatbush.


    Ittisa has some Chassidish blood, so I am Ok with her davening mincha after shkiya if she wants.

    I will echo those who say “sense of community”. I am in awe of the Satmers in that have a sense of Arvus for everyone.


    bear: There is a kalischer rebbe in flatbush. He himself once taught in Torah Vodaath and I think most of his grandchildren go to Satmar. He has some sort of rebbishe yichus but I’m not sure of the exact details.


    🙂 it is not an historical Chassidus, just another name that another Nadvorna or Kretschif descendant gave himself. They have a minhag that all of their descendants should become Rebbes and one is even called the Mosholu Rebbe for…Mosholu Parkway in the Bronx. It is also where Clevelander and Pittsburgher Chassidus come from.

    So long as he is not a Creedmoorer einikel…………. (although the Creedmoorer is a direct descendant of Koirach through Avirom and before that from both Er and Onan so his yichis is the best of all of them).


    ” leave your hat and ” langa rekel” home!! “

    It cracks me up to see the chevrah at a Yankees game, with their g’crazelte payis flipped behind their ears, so they can blend in.

    (Like the accent doesn’t blow their cover in a NY second)


    “one thing that they have which I will never have… is that they have a rebbe”

    Depends on who you marry. There might be a rebbe in your future after all!

    a mamin

    WHOA!! 600 Kilobear!! You just stepped on someones toes!! Why are you intimidated by the names they call themselves? It’s much better than DRUG ADDICTS, MOLESTERS ETC!!!! Let me add all of his family is SHOMREI TORAH UMITZVOS, FRUM, CHASIDISH AND EHRLICH!!!

    He has a very large family k.a.H. Can you say that for all of your family???? They are all eineklich of THE REBBE REB MORDCHE OF NADVERNE WHO WAS A KNOWN BAAL MOSEF!!!ZTKL’


    Chassidus has in most part become a caricature of the ??? ???? ??. The definition of ?????? is ????? ????? ????, beyond the letter of the law. Chassidim also put greater emphasis on guarding the “fences” to protect Yiddishkeit (????? ?????, ????? ?????, ?? ???? ?????), as well as ???? ????, ????? ?’ ????? and ???? ?????. Rebbe-worship to the point of idolatry is just a gimmic to replace real chassidus. And of course there’s nothing chassidish about the couple walking down the avenue, he with shtreimel and bekeshe and she looking like a movie star.


    ItcheSrulik-I seriously just fell off my chair loughing. I used to go to the Chabad 770 in ch with my friends Nd it was Crazzzy!! Loved every moment of it. They love everyone no matter wat no matter who . I roll my payes behind my ear so I didnt look tht chassidish but my friends who wore them out…. Didn’t even get a second look. The lubabs loved them.


    Just curious, besides having a happy fulfilled husband, does the chasidishe wife get any personal spiritual fulfillment from living the lifestyle?


    Jaky- Yes, we do.

    We get to have our Rebbe’s help and Brachos in any major decision we make.

    Our Rav Davens for us and worries for us all the time.

    Just going to watch a Tisch, is inspiring for ladies too!


    jaky, in some places more than others.

    a mamin



    Just knowing that my husband doesn’t look at any other women is pure marital bliss.


    “Mosholu Rebbe for…Mosholu Parkway in the Bronx”

    You are serious??? There is only one shul left near Mosholu Parkway, the Young Israel. Its rabbi is Rabbi Zevulun Charlop of YU and he is now quite elderly. Where is the Mosholu Rebbe now (geographically)?

    There is also a small shul on Mosholu Avenue in the Bronx, its rabbi is Rabbi Mayer Twersky of YU. His father was the Talner Rebbe of Brookline, Rabbi Dr. Isidore Twersky z’tz’l, who was also a prominent professor at Harvard.


    “does the chasidishe wife get any personal spiritual fulfillment from living the lifestyle?”

    Yes. Plaid suits, wedge flats, bulletproof stockings (that are not as bulletproof as they used to be) and those Jackie Onassis hats. And jewelry to make Harry Winston look like Zayles.

    I could go on, but you get the idea.

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