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    Gedolei Yisrael Shlita Prohibit Chareidi News Hotlines

    How do people that frequent this website feel about the ban?


    This is absolutely not a news hotline. Here WE (us silly posters) make the news.


    What does that mean for everyone? Would they rather people got news from secular sources? Because that’s how it was before the jewish places started.


    Just because there is a Kol Korea, doenst mean its Legit. Many are forgeries are signed by Gedolim who have been mislead by Kanoim. Unless you hear from a Gadol DIRECTLY you do not nessasairly have to obey a Kol Korea



    What about those that didn’t hear what is in the shuchan aruch directly from r’ Yosef Karo?

    Kol korehs (and text in general) are how news is disseminated.



    North or South?


    Secular Frummy:

    Bad example. Maran Habeit Yosef wrote the S”A without any “askanim” telling him how to pasken. However, mipnei avonoseinu harabim, the situation is such where we cannot trust that the signature of a gadol is real, or that said gadol understood what he was being asked to sign. Therefore, kol korehs are not worth very much. Sefarim are.



    I didn’t even see any signatures on this. Without signatures its worthless. With signatures you have to investigate if it’s legitimate. We usually find out one way or another within few days after such things come out.

    Another important point is that an issur that applies to the tzibbur in EY is not necessarily binding on us unless specifically stated as a binding issur for all Klal Yisroel.

    P . S. I wouldn’t be surprised if this ban was put together by some evil person in Israel who doesn’t want people finding out what he is really up to. We live in a sad time that the only thing left to keep people straight is the fact that if they do something evil it will hit the news and the blogs.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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