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    Dr. Pepper: If it’s reported to the IRS or state tax department, how can it be stealing from the shareholders?

    Dr. Pepper

    I’d rather not give the exact details, let’s just say that he was going to give me an employee discount even though I’m not an employee. While there is a record of the transaction and the appropriate taxes are being taken, my R”Y said that it is stealing from the shareholders.

    (He said that the manager doesn’t own the inventory or have the authority to give employee discounts to non-employees. I know that others permit it though.)


    I’m a little late coming into this thread, but what in the world is wrong with Curious George? My children are upset at me for getting rid of some of the kids books, not because of frumkeit, but because they tell me now that they would have liked to have had them for their own kids I”H.

    yossi z.

    To respond to the original question: being that I have been around the block a number of times one would think I would be giving up a lot to be frum. While yes from an outside onlooker it may look like I gave up a lot, in reality I feel not only have I not given up (as I find that which I gave up to be meaningless and empty) but I have gained tremendously (an inner contentment, security in my beliefs, real happiness, being comfortable with who I am and what I am doing, etc) what did it for me? People accepting me for who I was and not focusing on what I was doing and (at least outwardly) not caring about what I was doing and only caring just about me. In other words they would keep tabs on how I was doing, whether I was enjoying school/work/etc and wouldn’t say a word about what I did or didn’t eat (except to find out what I liked :)), did or didn’t do, etc. Of course I did all I could to reciprocate by respecting their rules (if they were makpid on cholov yisroel I would only bring cholov yisroel into their house, only particular hechshers they held of? Same thing, no goyish music? None would be heard, and so on). This allowed me to grow and work on myself (with the help and guidance of these people around me as they were always there for whatever and whenever so as soon as I started becoming more frum they were there to help me with that) to become what I am today. A frum, ehrliche, proper yid.

    😀 Zuberman! 😀


    I gave up goyisher good rock and roll. I gave up my long hair, my freedom, and bookshelf filled with philosophies. I threw out all my kids’ fairy tales and curious george books. I threw out lots of clothes, photos, and non kosher dishes.

    To be fair, you gave that up to be Core Charaidi, not to be frum. You could keep all of these (except the dishes) and still be frum.

    I think one of the main things I give up (that I feel a lack) is vacations. Due to Yom Tov, Chol Hamoed, Tisha B’Av, Purim, etc. I can not take a “real” vacation that I actually go somewhere. All of my off days go towards Jewish off days.

    Boruch Hashem.

Viewing 5 posts - 51 through 55 (of 55 total)
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