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    I’m writing a sefer on sugyos of the Gemara in English. There is a lot of Hebrew mixed in with the English. The problem with the font(s) I’m using currently (calibri for english, frank ruehl for hebrew) is that the transition from English to Hebrew isn’t smooth, it’s jarring when the eyes of the reader go from the left-to-right English to the right-to-left Hebrew, and it ruins the immersion.

    So, what Hebrew font can you recommend that will have a smoother transition when going from the English to the Hebrew parts of the paragraphs?

    meir G

    it depends a bit on what eng font and the point size , its never going to be too smooth even artscroll struggles with that , the obvious thing would be to use a font similar to artscroll as im sure theyve been thru this
    find a sefer that you like what you see & match it up


    Having Hebrew and English mixed on the same line will always be somewhat jarring, regardless of what font you decide to use. Maybe keep it all in English. When you absolutely must bring the original in Hebrew, maybe put it in a footnote or endnote. That way, you can even add a few words of explanation without distracting the reader in the text of the sefer. Hatzlacha!

    Reb Eliezer

    Try vilna font.


    I have written hundreds of pages over the years with the two languages mixed. Try 12 pt. Calibri and 14 pt. bold David.


    Have you considered Helvetica Schlemiel?


    “Hadassah” is a very commonly used font style for many Hebrew seforim. A licenced version can be found here: https://fontef DOT com/hadassah-friedlaender. I think there is a similar free font called Guttman Hodes. Book Antiqua is a nice English font that goes well with it. As for the font sizes, I prefer 10.5pt for the English and then adjust the Hebrew to match it in height.

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