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    What if I’m really a total retard, and everyone else knows it but they’re just being nice to me. And they let me pretend to be in yeshiva and pretend to get semicha, and people were chavrusa’s with me as a chessed project, and the rebbe always pretended I was saying things that made sense, etc, etc.

    And all of you on YWN are the only ones who don’t pretend, and that’s why you all say I’m a retard?


    It’s called Impostor Syndrome. Research shows that 2/5 successful people consider themselves frauds. Most of the research has been done in women but it is estimated that a similar amount of men feel the same way.

    You can google CLANCE IMPOSTOR PHENOMENON SCALE (CIPS) to take a free online test and see if you’re an impostor or not. 🙂

    Shopping613 🌠

    Online you can say things you would never say in real life.

    You are actually a really interesting person PBA, just in weird and creepy way, thats all 😉

    and hey, if everyone was normal than the world would be a boring place. So people like us are very important in life if you think about it.


    It makes sense that smart people would be afraid they are really stupid, because they are surrounded by stupid people so they would think that they are probably like everyone else.


    Lucky! No-one let me pretend to get Semicha!


    The words of a person are a reflection of his/her inner self. Cannot fool people too long, once someone has opened his/her mouth (and in some instances the pen or digital input device). Take a tip from Froggie, it always pours out, for good or otherwise.

    We find that Yaakov avinu, how hard he tried to fool Yitzchak Avinu by pretending to be Esav, once he opened his mouth, his inner self showed and shined out. He could not help it. No – a real oved HaShem, with refined character cannot get himself to verbalize the commoner’s street “language”.



    What’s your question?

    Are you asking if you owe the Hakoras Hatov to all those in your real life or do you owe it to all those in your “behind doors” life??

    Does it make much of a difference in your personal life whether you’re a “smart” guy or a “retard” guy, all that is relativity, your life remains the same to you, that is your only focus.


    You’re probably just a very unique individual.


    I don’t much like the expression being used. It is considered to be pejorative today. Even children who unfortunately suffer from actual severe developmental educational lag are not referred to by that appellation. As it is used as an insulting kinui, that is an issur, isn’t it?


    what if the mods are really just being nice to you allowing you to post retarded questions ( 2 today) because they feel bad that you are retarded?


    popa – we had you fooled for so long, how did you suddenly figure it out?

    btw, this thread got me thinking. I wonder if I’m really a big fat jerk and my whole life people have been pretending I’m not in order to be nice to me…


    A real retard wouldn’t have the sense to wonder this. Just saying.


    Popa, c’mon, just continue playing your part.


    PBA, you’re not a retard! I enjoy (most of) your off-the-wall antics. You’re obviously just a regular person with an interesting sense of humor. We need more people like that in the world – I’m not kidding!

    Shopping613 🌠

    LF: Are you trying to tell me something?

    I get told alot that I cant be from planet earth, I guess after time it sinks in to your brain, you know? But I know my friends are only jelous, you see, people from Mars are just better and they can’t appreciate it.

    But seriously speaking, we just joke around…..


    oomis, you are correct.

    Reminds me of the old fiddler on the roof rabbi, where he tells the first guy he is right, then the second guy he is right, then the talmid sitting who asks how that can be that he is right, then the second talmid who asks how THAT can be that he is also right, then the third talmid who asks how THAT can be that he is also right, and then they take him away to a loony bin (read, the CR).

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕


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