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    My wife and I, along with our two month old son are looking to move to Eretz Yisrael and Yerushalyim in particular. We are trying to move to a reasonably priced ( for jerusalem ) anglo neighborhood within a hour walk of the Kotel.

    Any ideas?

    Thank for the help in advance.


    My daughter and son-in-law looked in Ramat Eshkol but couldn’t find anything decent within their budget. They ended up in French Hill, which is apparently attracting frum people who are priced out of Ramat Eshkol.


    Shaarei Chesed


    we lived in ramat eshkol – def best place for young famalies. arzei habira, machal, maalot dafna, sanhedria, and sanhedria murchevet are also great depending on budget. Ramat eshkol more expensive but there are loads of young american families. French hill has in the last few months been in a “mini crisis” as very close to arab village and many undesirables making life particularly difficult there….


    Why only Yerushalayim, if you don’t mind my asking?


    Sha’arei Chesed is anything BUT reasonably priced


    And what is wrong with the places our avos lived? If meah shearim was good enough for Yitzchok, is it not good enough for you?


    Your 2 month old is looking to move? Gosh kids these days.


    my wife and I dated and got engaged in yerushalayim, we have a strong shychus there in particular. we are looking for a frum anglo community to establish ourselves in. we appreciate any and all recommendations as we wil be visting shortly and plan on researching neighborhoods.


    i think ganse_knacker gave the most realistic answer to your question.

    ramat eshkol,arzei habira, machal, maalot dafna, sanhedria, and sanhedria murchevet,and french hill.


    I lived in Givat Shaul (right above the entrance to the city) for 5 years, but that area is anything but anglo. Just 100% Israeli chareidi (note many residents wouldn’t like being called Israeli though!), mostly Hebrew/Yiddish-speaking.

    That said, there are some Americans, Britons, South Africans, and in the new area (Kehati) a lot of French.

    It’s very mixed, everything from Edah (Satmar etc) to Mizrachim, some dati leumim, Litvishe, everything in between you could possibly imagine.

    I absolutely loved it there and it was very difficult for me to leave there and move to Gateshead.

    As for other neighborhoods: Har Nof has a lot of Americans, as does Bait VeGan. They are further away from the city though, whereas Givat Shaul is exactly 30 mins walking from Kikar Shabbat and less than 1 hour from the Kotel.


    I lived in Nachalot for one year and I have to say, it was the kindest, warmest and most beautiful of all Jerusalem. Each door is artistically unique, it is close to the shuk, close to the central bus station, and you can smell the pastries baking around 5am just by stepping outside your door! Love, love, love the residents of Nachlaot too. Hatzlacha!


    Also wanted to mention Maale Adumim, amazing community!

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