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    I just read up on a horrific story of a yemenite family who was tricked into immigrating to the US into their community. They were promised an apt, a job, good education for their children. They were then reported to the authorities as unfit parents, children taken away from them, told to collect for the community and given a mere 5% of the collection as their way of giving them money to live on!! One of their children died because of a “caring” neighbor and they never got to see her even after she was niftar. 7 of their children were taken away by this community. The wife then moved to Israel while pregnant while the husband stayed in the US becaused he was promised (once again) help from this community in getting his children back. They did not get their children, yet and the husband moved to Israel to be with his wife and new son.

    I am sitting here crying my eyes out, not only out of pity for this poor family, but rather because this whole situation happened because of lies and deceit! And not just by anyone, but by our brothers! Our own brothers who look and talk like Jews but this story has changed my opinion of them. I cant stand that i feel this way because I have always known this community as one of chessed.

    I’m so hurt and confused…


    Where did you read this?


    Where did you read this story and who says it is true?


    It isnt true. It was falsified by the chilonim to give a bad name to frum Jews.


    Of all the horrific stories I’ve ever read, that is just too outrageous to be true. I hope and pray I’m not wrong.


    miritchka- don’t be so quick to become so emotionally involved when you read such things. You can’t beleive everything you read that is against the frum community/society! double check, triple check and make sure you know about the writer or these maysos.

    True we hear bad things in the jewish communities and sometimes they are nebach r”l true, but first and foremost get the facts straight.

    (I hope sushe knows what she is talking about!)


    I know exactly what youre talking about, i watched it in a film presentation, and im telling you the whole story is totally made up by the zionists to make ppl hate and distrust the frum ppl.

    The whole story from beggining to end does not make a drop of sense, it was a while ago that i watched it, so i dont remember the exact details, but its so made up.

    How could they have made it into a movie if it wasnt fake? Not one frum person would have been willing to act in such a thing. It was set in monroe or somewhere like that, would a huge movie cam not have made the people go mad? They re-acted the whole thing? It doesnt make one drop of sense.

    If you know the history of the jews of yemen, most of them emigrated in the operation magic carpet, orchastrated by the zionists, and when they got to israel, they shmad them all. That was the main immigration that they did, but even after, they continued trying to get all the rest of them to immigrate to israel/palestine. The satmar organisation saw what was happening, that these innocent yemenites were being fooled, and they set up their own organisation to get the yemenite jews out, but to emmigrate to frum communities in america and england. They told the yemenites how the zionists were really tricking them and wanted to take away their yidishkeit, and managed to help a lot of them escape the zionist clutches.

    The zionists were mad about them, and they try their hardest to make the satmar org. look terrible.

    This story is one of their fabricated lies to make ppl distrust them. Note that in the story, every time the yemenite family was feeling at the lowest, who steps in to help them? A zionist mizrachi jew(and i have a feeling he only put on a kippa for the sake of the show). It is so obviously a lie. Do you really believe it possible of any yidden to act the way they were portrayed? And which frum yemenite family, known for theyre tznius, would allow the wife to be publicly filmed? If you just open youre eyes, youll see what a bunch of trash this whole thing is, made up from beggining to end.


    Skiaddict…funny I saw the same film…surprisingly I didn’t see it your way…and the “Zionist Mizrahi Jew wears a kippa all the time


    Thank you all for your responses. I spoke to my husband about this and he too told me not to believe everything i see. I’m still emotional thinking about it, but I am putting it into perspective.

    Have a good shabbos!

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