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    what is the correct way of thinking?

    a) to have complete faith in Hashem and expect e/thing to go well for us in life?


    b) to have a more pessimistic (or realistic) approach to life and be somewhat nervous about the future, but to realize that e/thing Hashem gives us is a huge gift and not take things for granted?

    the first option seems to bring with it a certain arrogance lime we deserve to have e/thing go our way (and if not we’re bound to be disappointed).

    but on the other hand, the 2nd optikn may display a lack of bitachon and aren’t we meant to try to be positive?

    being optimistic and pessimistic simultaneoualy seems kinda difficult.

    so wot is the correct approach to life???


    A correct approach must be based on reality.


    I think pessimistic and realistic don’t have to be the same thing. You can most defiantly be optimistic and realistic. Having emunah in HaShem, but realizing you still need to input your hishtadlus is a possible outlook. Just saying…


    optimistic and realistic sounds good. but still cant help thinking that realistic is just a euphimism for pessimistic. (wots the difference?)its fine, except that society keeps telling us that its bad to be pessimistic but good to be realistic. sounds like a contradiction to me. why dont they just admit that being a little pessimistic is okay…


    Being optimistic means not seeing the bad. Being pessimistic means not seeing the good.


    You sound cynical! Now that’s a different thing all together.


    Ideally, don’t be so busy about the future. There’s a reason we don’t know the future, it’s nice of our business. Relying on Hashem that He takes care of and runs the world, does not mean that it will be the way we design it in our imagination.

    The past and the future are in Hashem’s hand. The present is in our hands. Be pragmatic and realistic now and do for the future in the framework of the present. Past that, the future is in Hashem’s hands.


    Combination of the two. Have complete faith in Hashem, be realistic and do our hishtadlus and know that everything will work out for the best.


    a person needs to have bitachon in Hashem but he still needs to do his hishtadlus & cant just sit back waiting for money to come rolling in or for a shadchan to call one day with something for his daughter


    my way.any other way does not work


    Having faith in Hashem does not mean assuming that Hashem will do everything you want him to do. Hashem is not your servant!

    Having faith in Hashem means telling yourself,”I don’t know what Hashem has in store for me, but I know that everthing Hashem does is good. It may not always be pleasant or easy, but it is good”.

    Ideally, a person with perfect faith will never be nervous or anxious about the future. But people like that are very hard to find. The rest of us do get nervous sometimes….


    if anyone makes a daily learning seder of Chovos Halevovos, he is guaranteed to live a happy life without letting anything get in the way of his gift of happiness.

    can you tell me a greater gift then the gift of Happiness? a stress-free life removed from worry, nervousness & depression etc…

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