what is the impact of where you went to seminary on shidduchim?

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    Which seminaries are seen as ideal?

    Where do seminaries like Meohr, Ateres, Machon Raaya and Darchei Binah stand?

    Is the emphasis on the seminary good or bad?


    What difference is, where a person learned. A person can go to to a yeshiva or seminary that has the best name/most prestigious, and spend the entire zman not opening up a book, staying up till morning socializing. I have seen it all too often.


    This is an important subpart of the shidduch crisis that few people realize.

    See, every guy will only date girls from a few seminaries–which effectively creates a shiddush crisis within a shiddush crisis for girls who did not got to those seminaries.

    The guys often don’t even know this, but if you ask any guy who has dated for a while, invariably almost all of his dates will have been from 2-4 seminaries.

    Girls really should be attempting to game the system by going to seminaries which more guys date from, to maximize their odds. After all, this is an odds game, you know.


    the ”ideal” seminary is the one that is a good fit for you, with your hashkafos, learning level, and type. Because that is where you can grow the most in your way. And is that not the point of seminary? Or are you also encouraging going to sem merely to try and get a step ahead in shidduchim, which in itself is an illusion? This concept of needing to go to sem for shidduchim, and that being the main factor noch besser, seriosuly bothers me.


    Big. I went to the most convenient seminary for me, and had a job that enabled me to get to a better paid position later on. But guys look at my resume and think I am representative of that place. For me, not going to seminary would have made sense. I was scared to risk appearing so out of the box. 🙂


    If you plan to marry a guy who places a great deal of emphasis on your seminary choice, then it will make a big impact.

    Your zivug is the best one FOR YOU! If you try to be everyone else, he’ll never find you.


    The impact is just another arbitrary criteria added to a ridiculous process.

    Amazing why any young women subjects themselves to this madness to begin with.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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