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    The Alter

    Great conversation starter.


    sorry, gotta respond.


    Bitul Zman.

    Sam Klein

    Too much tumah. Even if you get a filter


    And the prize for being unaware that one is on the Internet goes to….

    Little Froggie


    (Hey, where am I?)




    Your screen name is missing a letter.

    meir G

    insight from rav moshe wolfson shlita; In his shmuess to the shul 1. yidden have a mesorah in staying away from bad and choosing good ” sur mera..” THOSE WERE AlWAYS SEPERATE ” 2. however we dont have a clear mesorah on dealing with something that has so much good , potential, and necessity yet has so much potential evil ” ALL IN ONE” ” gefluchten in one device
    3. everything is merumaz and has its roots in brias haolam ( p’ breshis) the mashgiach said the eitz hadas was a tree of knowledge and info ( similar to google) yodea tov vera , and similarly the internet and the smart phone is a ” peiri a fruit of that shoresh, lastly the mashgiach added that’s possibly why the symbol is AN APPLE WITH A BITE MISSING. his message was if its nec. use it a s a tool , not as a browsing form of entertainment , keep out of shul and tefilos should be undisturbed LASTLY that a person must realize that any aveira done with the internet is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY and dont blame it on ” the keli” as the kotzker told a talmid doing gilgul sheleg ” az doo hust choteh geven , farvoos peinigst to dein guf – the guf didnt do it YOU DID


    Who says there’s a problem with the internet


    I hate to break it to you , but ever generation since adam had major nisyonos.
    We today can not even fathom how powerful avoda zara was , yet it was very difficult to over come.
    When cars were introduced, the rabbanim of the tomes were very worried about the nisyonos which would come along with them. Same went for the telephone.
    Internet can be devastating if used the wrong way, nevertheless its still one of the worst nisyonos of our times. Chazal say ain chodosh tachas hashemesh! Onternet is no different.


    Do you not know?


    The Apple logo is not the logo of smartphones and the Internet, it is the logo of the company Apple.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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