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    My husband is thinking of taking the family to Lake George in August. What is there to do there? Our kids are 7- 13. Are there private beaches available, or is all the waterfront crowded?

    Alternatively, can you suggest a place (possibly New Hamshire?) to go on vacation for a few days where there are family-friendly activities?

    Thanks in advance.


    any ideas, or links to places where we can get ideas?






    I went motor boating with my family. It was a lot of fun. We also got a tube to attach to the boat.


    Fast Forward

    We have been to Lake George a few times and enjoyed it very much. There is an amusement park called Great Escape (it is part of Great Adventures). There are also boat rides, arcades, mini-golf, and Fort Henry. I do not think there are private beaches. When we were there, there was a supermarket that had a kosher section. We have also been to New Hampshire and there was not much to do there. If you live in Brooklyn area, Lake George is much closer (abt 4 hrs) and New Hampshire is about 8. Between the two, I would definitely pick Lake George. It is very pretty there and lots to do.



    There is also a smaller scale amusement park with tamer rides, a cowboy themed attraction (don’t recall it’s name) the boat ride on the lake, outlet shopping, and a minyan during the summer. Fireworks one night at work.

    It’s very pretty place and just a laid back atmosphere.


    Thank you!

    Where did you stay?

    Also, how can we find out if there’s a minyan there?



    Google Lake George Minyan and Saratoga Chabad. The first link for both has some good info there, just call to make sure its current (as far as Minyanim). Travelodge is between Lake George village (the lake, a Price Chopper with a Kosher section and gift shop type stores) and Queensbury (the next town- there are some good outlet stores there and you can get good sales if you go at the end of August). I think Travelodge gives a discount if you mention the Lake George Minyan.

    (Sorry I know that was wordy)

    (There is a Wal Mart in Queensbury and you can get some things there (no Kosher section, but some stuff with an OU) and a Price Chopper with a Kosher section but don’t plan to stock up there.)



    Thank you, I appreciate the helpful responses!



    1)funspot – lasertag, rollerskating, go carting.

    2)white water rafting – i went to a place called hudson river rafting

    3)frankenstiens house of wax – scary for little kids

    4)crandel park – perfect place for a picnic or just to chill

    5)prospect mountain – really gorgeous views from the top

    its really fun to also browse the village there, tons of gift shops.

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