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    Personally, I make $0.

    I was wondering what people make and how much they pay in taxes.

    yaakov doe

    I am also unsalaried.


    Right now it’s $0.00. I’m a furloughed Federal Employee.


    do you work for the IRS?


    SecularFrummy: I’m not salaried either, and re: my comment on the closed thread, it was a joke as old as representative government. I thought everyone would have gotten it.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    A lot more than my paycheck!

    Rav Tuv

    I’m income challenged.


    But I am hopeful to make a solid salary within the next 2-7 years.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Why, secular Frummy? Do you work in the unemployment office?


    No, I’m a student with great prospects.


    SecularFrummy – this supports my hypothesis that everyone here is actually a student at a top law school.


    I am not in law school. And from all the seminary discussions, I assume others aren’t in law school either.

    Little Froggie

    FBI and IRS are closed now so I can freely disclose. Off the books I make roughly about $280,000. Before taxes. And after.


    Even though this is an anonymous forum, I still don’t think it’s good manners to ask this sort of question of people that you’re not friends with. It’s something that my Dad taught me.

    But the truth is, each of us makes EXACTLY as much as Hashem wants us to have.


    The IRS hasn’t caught up with me yet. I keep moving. >.> Not that I actually earn anything considering I spend too much time online to have a real life…

    Shopping613 🌠

    Depending how many babsitting jobs I get……

    and how many terrerist bombs i plant….(jk, mods im not serious)


    I make 3 million a year and still have time to goof around here in the coffee room. Nice work if you can get it, I know.


    @Sanity – I recall you saying that a while back on one of the first threads I’ve posted on. I generally wouldn’t do this but being that you mentioned it again I’m beginning to think this is less sarcastic then you make it sounds and more honest. I will repeat what I mentioned before and please give me a more legit response then last time.

    (I’m quoting this verbatim)-

    “Sanity: not sure if you were being sarcastic or not about your social skills…but at one point social media was the extent of my social life. I still remember signing in to one of my accounts after not having been there for a while and one of my friends asked me where I’ve gone. I very proudly told her that I went to get a life…maybe you should try that one day.”

    On the other hand, if this tactic helps you keep your paycheck, maybe I’ll relearn it. The amount of $$$ I actually deposit from my paycheck is quite disturbing as I have no dependents legally. Now I think I have maybe 500 dependents all around the US who I never would’ve been able to assist before if not for our wonderful IRS.


    SecularFrummy – this supports my hypothesis that everyone here is actually a student at a top law school.

    You may want to modify that to “the person here is actually a student a top law school.”


    I’ll tone my sarcasm down just for a bit.

    My social life mostly does take place online, but not just because of my lacking social skills. As I have moved around a lot, my good friends are all long distance. So I keep in touch online, and through the phone. Recently though, I was spending way too much time online instead of focusing on my current relationships. I’ve been improving, although I’m still a long way from living life the way I would like to be.

    Most of my sarcasm does hold an element of truth within.

    How moving would help evade the IRS, I do not actually know. I’m not to fond of shortchanging the government either, so I would not recommend it even if I did know how. (Some Jewish moral/principle thing I have)


    Ok, got it. And happy it’s improving. I didn’t know you were serious about always moving, that’s tough. There really should be a sarcasm font on all computers, as sometimes its just so hard to detect. Especially when I don’t personally know the person posting…


    That’s also part of the fun of online. You never know who you’re talking to, and where it can lead. For all we know, someone could be using this conversation for a study about religious Jews. (do we make money/pay taxes?)

    I do like to stay vague, so I can remain anonymous. If anyone asks honestly though, I’ll respond as sincerely as I can.

    As for moving- it’s mostly been my own personal choice. It’s tough on the social life, but it has allowed me a wider view of different communities.


    Its interesting, but no matter what i make, Hashem is really there to help us pay our bills. When an unexpected expense comes up, somehow Hashem sends teh money to us. It may be immediately after teh expense, before the expense came up or after weeks/months of stress about how we will pay that expense. Davening and having real bitachon in Hashem helps.


    Sanity is overrated: I hope nobody is using this as a study of observant Jews. IME, nothing here is posted in earnest – it’s all a performance of what posters perceive a particular different type of person would post.


    So to all those researching if streekgeek makes a lot of money and keeps it all, I’ll go right out and say most of it goes to pay taxes. On the other hand SanityIsOverrated is always moving to indirectly avoid paying taxes. I’m pretty sure the Mods will help the IRS get ahold of you.

    And I do thank you for answering sincerely, cuz I really did ask an honest question. And I really wanted to hear a normal answer.

    And about your moving, maybe I should come along. Where you going next? Anywhere interesting or cool? I could use some more adventure in my life right now.


    VM- me too! It would rather be ridiculous. I am however, rather paranoid about these things, so I do point out the possibility as minimal as it is.

    Little Froggie

    Me too. I’m a bit paranoid now, about disclosing how much I make (see mine above). Last peek I noticed the USA government back to work, which means the FBI and IRS are now looking into what I post.


    Please also post how much tzedaka you give.

    I currently make absolutely nothing, and have not made a red cent in like a year and a half.

    I’ve given a little bit of tzedaka.

    I hope to start making lots and lots of money, starting tomorrow.


    Amein, PBA.

    To all of the people on another thread who clicked the link to the post above:

    SEE? 😉


    PBA: I hate to take this out on you but your attitude is exactly the type of magical thinking that is putting the entire yeshiva world in danger of collapsing. Of course you are going to make lots of money starting tomorrow. You are going to show up at Google and say, “I’m a yeshiva guy with a lot of potential, pay me $160,000!” And they are going to laugh in your face. Can you program a simple code? Can you fix a broken pipe? Can you file a tax return? Can you even drive a taxi?

    Like all yeshiva guys, you think that showing up and claiming that your capable will lead to everyone chasing after you and throwing money at you. The yeshiva system was able to start because our grandparents did not have that entitled attitude. They came willing to toil away in any industry, be it the garment industry or real estate or the diamond industry – all of which are strenuous, and they then had b’ezras hashem a bit of income that they could devote to avodas hashem. But this generation, like you, just believes that they can just show up. But that is not going to work. How are you going to face your children and tell them that you were not able to provide for them the way that your parents and grandparents provided for you?

    Have you ever done any hishtadlus, tried to learn a skill or a trade? Tried to work your way from the ground up? NO! You are just going to show up tomorrow, the way yesterday you were going to show up today, and the way the following day you are going to show up still one day hence, until after 120. How are you going to face your grandparents in shamayim and explain to them that the kollel system is dead? Stop talking about how your going to get a job and actually something to build some valuable skills, so that our Torah lifestyle is not resting on a few delusional people’s magical dreams.


    Streetgeek- I didn’t notice you asked where I’m going next. Just to answer that, no idea. Wherever God takes me I guess. For the moment though, I’m actually going to be practicing living in one place for awhile. Just to gain some stability. My final destination though: Eretz Yisroel. Never been, but it’s where I belong.

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