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    Why is it that pple are supporting the desicration of a De’oraysa of tzar ba’le chaim in order to fulfill the minhag of kaparos?!?!?!???

    I’m no animal Lover, but keeping chickens cooped for days in small crates and depriving them of their basic needs(such as: food, water, and beng kept away from the sun) goes under the category of tzat ba’le chaim.

    This past shabbos, i passed by one of these kaporos sites a few times. These chickens were kept in their tiny crates the intire shabbos, and not once did i see anyone giving them food or water.(i didn’t see any remainder of food on the floor either). On motzei shabbos i asked the owner when was the last time the chickens were fed, and he honestly answered “i fed them before shabbos”.

    In every other crate there is a dead chicken. The rest of the chickens are stuck with the dead ones until someone discovers it. This attracts plenty of diseases, and causes the chickens to be unhealthy. These unhealthy, starved chickens, who haven’t stretcked their limbs for days are then fed to the needy of our community. How very Kind!

    There is no reason why the pple that organize the kaparos, cant do it properly. They’re making a mint off pple by charging 9 dollars!!! per a chicken- they can use some of that $ to set up an enclosed area where the chickens can walk around in and have them properly fed.

    until then i will be making my kaparos on money.

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