what kind of electronic educational toy is good for 3 yr old ?

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    i looked at leap frog by vtech. they have some good things. but are there any kid computers, reasonably priced that come with programs for learning?


    Why electronic? Non-electronic is better for so many reasons.


    Ders: Other than Shabbos, please name one. (I’ll give you that. I don’t know “so many” though.)


    Leap frog notepads are really good. There are a variety that focus on math, writing, and comprehension. Educational warehouse and even toys r us have a big selection of “lap top” esque computers for children with learning programs.


    Sam: anti-social is a big reason. Distracting is another.


    If an aleph bais book is interesting for you, there is an electronic one that’s fantastic.

    It is in Yiddish though. My kids loved it at that age and it really taught them the aleph bais.


    Fun is about enjoying an activity in the moment, for no purpose. Children naturally find learning INTERESTING – they want to learn about the environment and how things work etc. The more you associate learning with fun, the more you are training your child NOT to pursue learning for the intrinsic interest he should have in it.

    The effect of technology on this generation’s attention span is well documented, and needs no elaboration.


    I agree with derszoger. i would avoid electronic toys, particularly at that young age. Actually, I don’t like too many music/light toys either.

    Logician – I don’t get your point. What’s wrong with learning being fun?


    Learning isn’t fun. It could be interesting. When learning is fun, that simply means you’ve coupled learning with a fun experience, but the learning itself isn’t fun.

    I think this is a bad association. We use incentives for learning, but that is different. Kids will understand that its the candy that tastes good, and is simply being used for a reward, “shelo lishmo”. As they mature, they will come to outgrow it. When we try too much to “make learning fun”, however, they will come to see and expect learning to be fun. Since this fades as the child grows, and the natural interst they have in the learning process itself, which would be the best tool with which to approach learning, will not have been developed.

    Life ain’t always fun. But if we can help our kids maintain their natural curiosity and excitement for learning…


    logician, i would respect your disposition and argument if this were 1989 but the fact is that our culture and reality is that we are living in modern society and these gadgets are never going to go away. we are consumed with this new ipad, iphone, laptop reality.

    although i do not want to have my kids watching dvd, or bring internet in the house, i do want them to have a healthy moderate outlet for their desire to touch these electronic toys that will give them that diet for technology they want so much, and yet its educational as well.

    these toys are fun because when you get the answer right you have won something in your brain.

    and also i still do model lessons of fractions when just playing around in the kitchen with them, in order to still compensate for natural love of learning.


    I agree, and have not advocated for banning such devices. I would keep them for strictly entertainment purposes though, for the reasons I wrote.

    shtiky shlo

    going on original post. none. it might chas vasholom turn into internet facebook who knows these days? this is NOT a good example for your kid.

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