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    Be Happy

    As we get closer to the three weeks, I believe as every year that this year Moshiach is coming and our mourning will be changed to simcha!

    The last few years I realise I have to do my hishtadlus to make it happen. I realise we have to do more!

    My question to you is: What Shall We Do??


    Ahavas Chinam to me Mechaper for Sinas Chinam.


    1] Help those who can’t defend themselves.

    2] Try to forgive comments made to inflict the most pain possible.


    post on YWN


    Im with popa lol


    post on ywn and say tehillim


    does anybody know any segulos that are especially helpful for bringing moshiach?


    Yes; it is unfortunately the most discounted one:


    With tears.


    i think you eat avocados with grapes. i dont know the yehi ratzon, buy i know they are supposed to remind us of the grapes that wiil be the size of avocados in the time of moshiach. My suspicion that has been in my family is that they are also a remez to the lush green grass.


    How about some Ahavas Chinam. Being nice to people even if you don’t feel like it. Someone is in a hurry at the grocery store, let them in front of you (If you can). Someone needs to get into your lane, don’t make believe you don’t see them. Let them in.

    The list can go on for many pages…

    Don’t speak badly about people, be sensitive to what it may cause them. (Besides the fact that it’s lashon hora).


    Theres really a number of things we can do. How about everybody being Mekabel to be Mekarev minimum one Yid to Yiddishkeit. I.E. Make a BT.

    Sounds wild but I think Hashem will like it.


    great idea – cut back time spent in the internet.


    The Emes is and I said it earlier, the real way to bring Moshiach is Ahavas Chinum. We need to do Teshuvah on the reasons that the Bais Hamikdosh was destroyed. Unfortunately, Sinas Chinum is still thriving in our communities. We look down on others who look different than us and we judge others without ANY facts. I can go on and on but the bottom line is as long as we look down on a fellow Jew Moshiach wont come. He wont want to come and we probably wont want him. What would the Chassidim say if hes a Litvak? What would the Litvaks say if hes Chassidish…?

    We have to stop LABELING people and looking down on others. Anyone who knows anything about the shidduchim market knows that many possible good shidduchim never happen due to people looking down on others and thinking “oh that family? They are….no WAY will my son/daughter ever marry into SUCH a family!” Whats the Avlah? They stack? They use plastic? They arent “fancy” enough? The girl dresses plain (she doesnt dress like a runway model shiksa which is todays frum fashion for many)? The boy isnt with it enough? (Oh you mean you expect him to know EVERY movie TV show and non Jewish singer?)

    What world do we live in?

    Another thought. Do we really want Moshiach? Learn about what the Yemos Hamoshiach will be like. Think DEEPLY about it and then answer. I think most of us pay lip service when we say we want Moshiach because we live like its all the here and now Gashmius.

    Tonight I davened Maariv somewhere where Maariv took about 7 minutes from start to finish. I didnt time it but Im not exaggerating. I had enough time to finish Shema and then had to say Shemonah Esrei.

    Whats the hurry. Theres no way to have Kavanah in such a minyan. I dont think that Im a “frummy” but I felt out of place davening a longer shemonah esrei than everyone. When I finished whoever was still there looked at me like “whoa” look at that guy hes some davener or whatever. I was thinking “when did it become something impressive for someone to take 4-5 minutes to say Shemonah Esrei? I actually tried to Daven a bit fast so I catch Kaddish.

    We really dont want Moshiach. I a sorry if I offend anyones sensitivity but here is the one place I can talk and not have to be PC. Lets face it, Moshiach could have been here by now. He is ready to come. It is us who isnt ready.

    I stand by what I said earlier that we need Ahavas Chinum but I think I can go a step higher and mention something even more elementary that will encompass Ahavas Chinum.

    What we need to start doing is learning Halacha. I am far from a Baki but I learn Halacha daily. I learn Kitzur yomi and I learn some Rambam every day. I plan to start Mishnah Brurah Yomi soon. I have already learned through about a quarter or more of Kitzer Shulchon Aruch Yomi. The more I learn the more I realize that although theres so much to know, its all knowable “if” I want to know it and am willing to do what it takes to get that info into my brain. All we need to do is learn Halacha daily and and do it. Be mekayem what we learn as the Ramban says in his Igeres to his son. We need to look into our learning for things that we can be mekayem. No more no less. Keep the Shulchon Aruch as difficult as it may be. The fact that it is difficult shows that we are maybe not living the life we are supposed to be living. However if we did start keeping Halacha I think that Moshiach would come very soon indeed.

    Be Happy

    I just got the following email. I think it is a good idea!

    Author Unknown, Source Unknown

    Build a better world said G-d

    And I asked how?

    The world is such a vast place and so complicated now

    I am small and useless

    What can I do?

    G-d in all His wisdom said, “Just build a better you.”

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