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    I bought a warranty on my phone, and it broke so i sent it in to get fixed and they couldn’t fix it so they sent me the exact amount i paid for the phone. That was yesterday. Today i get an email that they sent me the exact amount again, which I am assuming was an accident. So besides for kiddush hashem, Would i have to send the money back?


    What’s wrong with this question?!


    aries- Taos Akum is certainly not theft. That is halacha.


    Im not a posek but as far as I kow you may keep it and it may even be asur to give it back if they will not know you are jewish. Ask your L.O.R.


    though taut akum is not considered theft but a kiddush hashem its certainly if the money is returned plus its 10yeme tshuva so that makes a good impression up there


    aries & old man- Taos Akum is muttar. That means you can keep the money. Lets not get dramatic. Noone is going to lose their job over one mistake, especially today where everything is easily tracked by emails and electronic banking. They are not going to accuse you of anything or ask you why you kept the money. It was their mistake, not yours. I once received a duplicate deposit of about 2,000 into my account. While contemplating what to do, I noticed that there was a subsequent reversal of that deposit. No questions asked.

    That said, it is definitely a kiddush Hashem to call them and return the money. BUT REMEMBER, you must stress that you are returning the money because the YWN CR directed you to… I mean because you are an orthodox jew and your religion stresses honesty etc.. Otherwise no kiddush Hashem was made.


    ya,but even if i did return it they wouldn’t know that I was jewish.

    minyan gal

    Of course you must return the money. This morning the identical thing happened to me. I am trying to quit smoking and am using both the patch and an electronic cigarette (with great success, I might add). I ordered some refills and an extra battery. The batteries are 15.95 each. Instead of sending me one battery, they sent one box of five batteries. That is quite a financial error for a small company. I have emailed them and asked them what they want me to do. I said that I will mail them back if they pay the postage. I shall update you after I hear from them.


    minyan: Make sure you tell them that you are Jewish and that’s why you are returning it. Otherwise it may actually be impermissible to return.


    NotaMod- Read what shlishi wrote. Tell them that you are Jewish.


    Shlishi: Many people don’t hold of Lo Sechonem when they are not an Oved Avodah Zarah Gamur.


    Shituf (i.e. yushke worship) is avoda zora according to the Noda B’Yehuda.


    1)I think you should keep it! When they make a mistake all the time ripping off and stealing from millions of customers including tons of jews, making billions that is for sure that they don’t give it back.

    2)They even give you a hard time when you point it out and ask for a refund. Many time refusing.

    3)Also many times it’s no mistake, they blatantly steal from all their customers with hidden fees and charges (nickles and dimes and dollars that add up to serious millions)

    So I think it’s a drop in the bucket, and the least you can do to offset these Companies HaGazlonim, is to keep it.

    I’m not talking about personal stores or banks that you enter, which you must immediately return making a K”H, but specifically cell phone companies that are ALL known crooks.

    Also you have to consider that they will realize on their own and retract their credit.

    If you tell em you’re jewish, and return it it might make a K”H

    though, even for a second, that is, if the Pakistani operator even knows what Jewish means.


    they cant retract it, its already in my bank account.


    Shlishi: And how do you know the person is a Catholic?


    Sam: Protestants also believe in Trinity, with the exception of Unitarians.


    I was in a store yesterday and when it came time to pay I asked the women if it was 30% off because it was on a rack that was near the sign but I wasnt sure if that included this specific rack so i asked her and she said yes. My friend paid first and then I came to pay a minute later and the women said I she now remembers that they just came in. She double checked the computer and realized that it was a new item so it was not 30% off. she made my friend pay the difference or return it. none of us got it but when I came home my mother said she thinks this women did the wrong thing and has to give it to us for the original price that we were told it would be. right or wrong?

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