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    Cantoresq, door to door collecting is discussed in the gemara. It’s called “chozer al hapesachim”.


    When my husband is away on business over a weekend (in our neighborhood we get the collectors on weekends) we keep a cooler with sodas and snacks by the door; I or my children explain that we do not give money if our husband is not home (we do not say that he is out of town), but we offer them a cold drink in the summer and a snack; in the winter, we can offer them a coffee or tea in a paper cup with a lid. My husband used to make sandwiches for the Sunday collectors (even when he was home) but a meshulach who did not want to eat the sandwich (he did not eat from homes he did not know) took it (so we would not feel bad) and gave it to his driver, who later claimed that the left-over Shabbos deli made him sick. So we stopped making sandwiches.

    We once had a meshulach who thought my husband was a goy, because he was painting the house that day and was wearing old work pants and a hat. The meshulach spoke very slowly in one-syllable words (my husband is very tan with dark hair, he looks Mexican) and using his hands a lot, and, like a lot of us do when we think someone cannot understand the language, we think they are deaf, too, so the meshulach was nearly shouting, “I WANT TO SPEAK WITH THE MAN OF THE HOUSE” and my husband said, “Yes,” and the meshulach continued, “TO ASK HIM FOR DOLLARS, DINERO, FOR POOR PEOPLE” and my husband said, “Yes,” “WHO DO NOT HAVE FOOD OR CLOTHES,” and my husband said, “Yes,” and took out his wallet and the meshulach, nebach, thought the day laborer was giving him money.


    Beautiful Telegrok Beautiful

    And some would do away with this beauty of Yiddin personally helping Yiddin, this Ahavas Yisroel. That attitude has been called: “Middos Sedom.


    I wonder how many of these people are questionable?Am I wrong to think this way? I mean not everyone with a long coat and a beard is what he appears to be.


    I learned and davened the early shift (netz) in an aguda that is (was?) or at least acts as a wealthy community. Three of four mornings a week, a crew of Russian emigre seniors (as many as would fit in a large car or two) would come and make the rounds during pesukei dzimra. This was a minyan of @ 30-50. The accepted donation was 1$ or fifty cents each. They would then do other minyanim, and later, visit some “hot spot” homeowners, or home businesses. I worked as a craftsman in the same community, and often was left alone by the homeowners. Occasionally, I would answer the door to see my “friends” from the morning . If it was a single one, I would give another dollar. If they came as group, I would tell them that I cannot substitute for the shul, or for the homeowner. These were all carriers of Vaad cards. How efficent the Vaad was I don’t know, but they did sometimes post faces, names and M.O.s of the frauds.

    What disturbed me, was the occasional, and always Rosh Chodesh arrival of Chassidishe collectors, in groups of two or three, who are collecting for the same cause, but dont volunteer that info unless pressed.


    yeah thats y this post was started. it might be a fraud.

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