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    Shopping613 🌠

    I need someone to talk to, before I become insane

    I’m scared that if I say, they’ll just run away

    I don’t want everyone to find out my life story

    And I hate being a taker, taking from everyone’s emotional battery

    Should I choose a teacher, friend in my grade or above?

    My trust has been broken too many times….by parents, teachers, and friends

    I’m way too scared to trust again

    But I was born a venter, I gotta vent….

    Sorry about my….moody post, be thankful I just didn’t blurt out my life story here……

    What should I do?


    Tell your parents you want therapy.


    I agree with popa. Unless you know for certain that you can trust someone you shouldn’t talk to them. But going for therapy could be really helpful for you, a therapist is in a muh better position to help you.


    so I’m going to disrespectfully agree with popa and fkelly sorta. you need to find someone who is good for you.

    I personally found therapy way less helpful than a teacher I was close to. If you have a teacher you trust with some sort of background in psychology thats the best. I found teachers were always the most helpful.

    in terms of friends: one piece of advice i heard on this is: if you are going to a friend, you have to make sure she is on a higher level than you on this. But don’t overburden your friend. if its just ranting, then friends, especially older ones, are great (just first check with her that shes ok with it, because not everyone is), if you actually need practical advice, the older the better- meaning go straight to an adult if you can


    Write a diary. But be careful: someone will read it, either against your will or when they read your will.


    I think all of our suggestions basically come down to the same thing- don’t let it all stay inside! It’s so unhealthy. However you think will be the most helpful, get it out. Go for therapy, find a teacher or friend, write a diary… Anything you do will unburden you partially. I personally think if you find a therapist who is a good match for you it can really help. But everybody is different and that may not be the best for some. Good luck! I’m sorry things are so tough 🙁


    sorry to hear shopping. i think i said this before, a therapist will probably have reliable concrete solutions besides for you being able to vent. that way not only are you treating the problem you also may have a chance to get rid of the cause. pesonally i think with a sensitive issue the wrong advice can easily do more harm than good

    Shopping613 🌠

    Thanks for you’re input, I will see. Sorry to be abrupt but….limited time alone on computer

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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