What to do first, Tashlich or Kapparos?

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    What to do first, Tashlich or Kapparos?

    I know that Tashlich is a minhag to do on Rosh Hashanah,

    but now that many don’t do that, do you still say to do Tashlich first or it doesn’t matter?

    Is it maybe even better to do Kapparos first since you missed the usual time of Tashlich?


    Kapporos you are supposed to do (ideally) Erev Yom Kippur, early morning.


    Since recent developments in the past decade or two, (or more)

    where the market is huge and they trailers full of crates full of chickens sitting cramped on top of each other for days defecating

    over each other and so forth,

    there is a major worry of being Oiver Tzar Balei Chaim,

    and one could be doing a Mitzvah (minhag yisroel torah)

    Habo’oh B’aveirah It might be a question of it even being a

    Kapporah for the person, although that touches the sugya

    of Ani …Soneh Gezel B’oilah.

    I therefore suggest everyone should try not to wait till

    the last minute and do it early in a clean popular place that gets new truckloads daily, has a kosher Shochet on premises,

    that doesn’t work double shifts, or overnight till next day hashkama! Try to avoid places that have few customers and keep the chickens there for days in boxes.

    People do this solely to have a Kapparah, I don’t think they want a fresh Aveirah after kapparos due to Kapparos.

    If you feel it really is tzar ballei chaim I strongly suggest

    you do it with money (then give to tzeddaka)two mitzvos,

    or with a fish.


    I have an additional question. What’s the story with throwing bread? I was told on yom tov not to throw, but what if you say tashlich during the week? Is this some silly minhag?


    Oh, I just found my answer under “tashlich” thread. Sorry!

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