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    Anyone have any ideas of what i can do tonight, i’m so bored on Summer nights (and it’s raining) 🙁 i feel so bad, i feel like i’m wasting tons of time-but i don’t know what to do :'(


    learn or listen to shiur, dont waste your time its precious 🙂


    You have spare time??? Can I buy some??

    I have a friend.. young man. he was told he has 3-6 months to live…… want to sell him some time??

    Chovos Halevavos at the end of Shhar Bitachon wants each of us to view life that way…….

    Still have time??

    If you don’t bargain with the Yetzer Tov, you will have sold out to the Yetzer Horah

    Still have spare time??


    Rabbaim: I understand the point you are trying to make and its a nice one, but please give brotherofurs concrete examples of what he can do right now.

    Brotherofurs: I sometimes feel like that..OK here are some examples.

    -Hobby ex:reading,

    -Something that you wanted to do but never have a chance..

    -Call up someone and get together with them.

    -Do a Chessed or help a neighbor

    -Go jogging (in the rain :)) or just go on the treadmill. Exercise makes you feel accomplished.

    -Go to a Wedding if you feel like getting dressed and venturing into the rain..

    -Or listen to some music and go to sleep early. So you are refreshed for tomorrow.

    Whatever you do Enjoy! the night is almost over..


    What to do tonight???

    JOIN ME IN THE CR!!! (all night long)


    get together with some friends and just CHILLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!


    thanks stickynote those were good ideas!!:D

    zeeskite i’ve been doing that, and sadly do not feel accomplished at all 🙁 ..i’ll join cr later i”yH, i’m going to do something more productive to me 😉


    stickynote – the first thing before practicality is to develop an hashkafic perspective and guideline THEN the choices can be made if they fir into the guidelines. BUt if one never agrees to the premise, then they can just tell someone to chilllllllllllll.

    HIE- if one chills here, what will happen to him after here?? Funny we should call it chilllllllllll, maybe we should help people visualize and awaken self by calling it buuuuuuurn!!!!

    am yisrael chai

    There was a levaya this evening of a yingerman who passed away w/o realizing his life would be cut so short. He was the epitome of making use of each moment. Rabbaim was certainly not speaking hypothetically.

    Studies show that when helping others, one becomes happier & feels productive & accomplished.

    Might I suggest that you become a mentor for a child from a single parent home, visit a homebound individual, or call the gamach hotline to see where help is needed. I’ve heard that the gamach booklet needs to be updated & volunteers are needed to make calls to update the listings.

    If you can, let us know what you choose.


    brotherofurs, i just wanted to make a random comment. i used to think your sn was brother o furs, and i couldn’t figure it out. just wanted to let you know that you had me going for a while. i hope you found something productive to do! :0)


    I can give you a big basket of laundry to fold.


    I can give you what to do.

    I am doing an MA and have too little time to produce my next assignment. Wanna do it for me?


    I do not have enough hrs. in the day to finish all I set out to do.there are plenty of pple in hospitals watching there loved ones for many hrs. that would appreciate your help to relieve them for just a bit. just a thought.


    Mother in Israel- I am the one that folds the laundry I think you are mixing us up!


    Adorable, I have enough to go around. Want a basket? I’ll even take out my husband’s stuff first.


    amichai- i really would want to and wish i live near a hospital, i don’t drive 🙁 when i get a ride i’ll go b”H

    that night i ended up up doing sm that i never got around doing- taking some of the lessons from my navi notes in school and writing them down in a separate notebook that i can easily open up to when i’m married b”H 🙂 i thought that was okay to do in my spare time.. but i also recently heard of girls doing food packaging every friday so i’m glad i have sm to do now:D

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