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    So alot of my friends are moving on to new schools, seminaries ect, and i feel like everyone else has something else really exciting going on. What does someone do who feels like their barely accomplishing anything, or getting anywhere. Its not a good thing for a person to feel stagnant in life! what are some suggestions to help change this, if a person is in the same school and situation theyve been in for years now, and nothing seems to be changing? Also why does it always seem that in school we are taught that almost everything we do is for getting into a good seminary, and getting a good shidduch, what about until then. What can we do to change this? :/


    Why is almost everything for a good seminary and shidduch at all, not to be the best you you can possibly be?


    Work on self-improvement. A good grammar book would be a place to start.

    Be Happy

    Oh Dear, _ Do you have a hobby? art? music? – Work on what you enjoying doing. Find something to give you sipug besides your lessons. Hatzlocho


    I agree with Be Happy, find something to give you sipuk (with a Kooff), which is fulfillment or satisfaction. Find a job or volunteer at something that makes you feel accomplished.

    If your teachers taught you that everything you’re studying is to get you into a better seminary or to get a better shidduch, please file that away in an old thread the CR had about erroneous information teachers pass on to their unsuspecting students, and then forget about it! It would seem from what Shlomo Hamelech wrote in Kohelet, that he was not satisfied with pursuing scientific knowledge just for the sake of knowledge, and found it futile and useless. The only productive thing we can do, he concludes, is put our efforts into fear of H-m, and keeping the Mitzvot.

    Don’t worry about what seminary you get into. Find something to do that will keep you happy, and hopefully build you as a person. And that’s a good way to set yourself up for shidduchim too!


    Why is it that people feel the need to embarrass others by pointing out mistakes in their grammar? It’s incredibly rude. BH this is anonymous because I would think lesser of every single person who does it.


    @haifagirl – “Work on self-improvement. A good grammar book would be a place to start.”

    Sorry, but I have to side with MorahRach on this. While you are right, I think you’re slightly exaggerating in your quest to improve everyone’s grammar.

    I don’t think the opening post was all that bad. Sure, it could be better, but the writer used – mostly – some form us capitalization and punctuation. That’s already better than most young people these days.

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